Just got my Ugg Broome boots!!

  1. Fedex, just deliverd them & I love them!! comfortable. For thoose of you who did manage to get a pair, what are you wearing them with??

  2. I own Broomes, and I LOVE them! They are the most comfortable pair of boots I have ever owned hands down. I paid full price for mine, where were they on sale at, and for how much?
  3. I love mine too! I am wearing them w/ skinny jeans and sweaters!!!
  4. How do they fit as compared to regular uggs? I got my usual shoe size and am wondering if mine will fit me. :smile:

    Glad you like them so much!
  5. I wear 8 in classic ugg and this style size 9 ..
  6. I wear size 6 and this is a normal size 6 and it fits perfectly. The boots are amazing! I love them :smile:
  7. Thanks ladies! Hopefully mine will fit!
  8. Bought my normal size..fit great!
  9. I wear 6 in regular uggs but I ordered 6.5 in the broomes and they fit a little snug for me so I'm going to wear them with no socks. I have no problem in the calf area, fits just right with skinny jeans tucked in. They are the cutest but i have to wait till Valentines as they are my gift from hubby, otherwise I couldn't justify buying another pair of boots this season!
  10. Mine just arrived. I wear 8 in regular ugg sizes, and wear 8.5 to 9 in non-ugg boots. I got the 8.5 and they fit nicely. They're a lil tight in the calves but I'm used to that because I have kinda big calves. I also think they look great on. They are not as warm as regular uggs (thinner layer of sheepskin) but definitely warmer than normal boots.

    Thanks to the TPFer who posted this sale - I love the boots!
  11. Where is the sale??? I have been eyeing Broome's!
  12. I received my Broome's and i tried them on ... a little tight on the foot area. i wear a 6 or 6 1/2 and i got a 6 1/2 in them. the calves part fits perfect i cant wait to wear them once it stops raining.

    the sale was on Saks online but i dont think they are available anymore.