Just got my Spring/Summer Washed Caviar GST!!!

  1. Hey guys! Well, my SA got me all hyped up about the new spring/summer GST with washed caviar that was set to come out anywhere from late January to March. Boy was I surprised when I listened to her voicemail saying they just got them in yesterday (the 26th). She said they're still getting in Cruise collection bags. I even talked to the Chanel boutique's buyer (who basically orders everything that gets sold at several Chanel boutiques), and she said she was even surprised that they came in already.

    Honestly, the difference between the washed caviar and the regular caviar is EXTREMELY subtle. You can tell the difference when you feel it though. I absolutely knew I had to have it when I saw it, especially since I know it will sell out very quickly. Chanel Ala Moana got in three black units yesterday. They ordered 20 total in black that I guess will be coming in later. They're also getting it in white later. :yes:

    I also got a bottle of Chanel No. 5 from my SA as a Christmas present! I had to rush to get her something in return, but I'll deliver it to her sometime later next week hehe.


    Honestly, it looks better without the camera flash, but it's night time already. I'll try to take better pics tomorrow in the day light. :yahoo:
  2. [​IMG]

    Silly me forgot to take a picture of the actual box of perfume haha.
  3. Congrats!!!! :biggrin:

    What color hardware did you get? And what is the difference, anyway? I think I remember someone saying it would resemble lambskin but still have the durability of caviar? Is this correct?
  4. Missisa07, congrats!!! Your SS08 bag is gorgeous, it looks softer than the usual GST.
  5. Oooh the GST looks wonderful. That's great you got it super early.

    The perfume is wrapped so nicely! You have a very nice SA.
  6. Congrats.....the leather is TDF! If i didn't get my GST recently, i will be all over this one~~
  7. so pretty!!
  8. Congrats on the new bag~~and how thoughtful of your SA:heart:!! So whats the diff between regular and washed caviar?? is it softer?
  9. Congratulations, that is a beautiful bag!
  10. Congrats!! Any modeling pictures??
  11. Hey guys! That was me that said that, because my SA and the buyer both told me it would be like lambskin but durable like caviar. It's definitely not like lambskin though, because you can still see the pebbles of the caviar leather, but you can't feel the pebbles (if that makes sense). :yes: When I run my fingers over the regular GST and my new one, I could tell the difference between the washed and the regular caviar. Basically, it's very soft and smooth. I'm absolutely in LOVE with it. The differences are subtle though if you only look at pictures.

    I'll post up pictures of it tomorrow taken in natural daylight, as well as modeling pics. :flowers: Thanks for your comments guys!
  12. Congrats! It's a beautiful bag. What color is this bag?
  13. ^Thanks! It's black with silver hardware. The flash really brings out the "washed" look. I'll take another picture with natural sunlight so I can try to get it true to color. It's basically black though. :yes:
  14. i love this bag, the leather looks gorgeous!! what a nice SA :smile:
  15. Wow, gorgeous, i can notice the difference.