Just Got My Second Pair!!

  1. Hi ladies!

    Just got my second pair of Christian Louboutins! I am so excited!

    My first pair are actually up for sale on eBay right now - the Very Prives black suede that I bought because they are just a little too big. I think they are actually a 37.5 rather than 37. Anyway, got these what do you think?


  2. Oh I like them!! Congrats!
  3. Those are fun and funky!
  4. Those are super hot.
  5. I like them! They wont be to everyones taste I guess but I like shoes to be a talking point! Hopefully they will fit better than my others!
  6. CONGRATS!!!
    I was totally watching them wishing they were my size!!
    Please post pics when they arrive!!!
  7. What size are you Stinas?

    I think someone was looking for you in the HTF thread about helmuts?
  8. I love these shoes! I have them and you are so right, definite conversation piece.
  9. those are gorgeous! so cool!
  10. Wow these are a great second (first:p) pair!! Very cute!!!
  11. Beautiful shoes!
  12. lol, Kamilla, I just knew you would have them already! Do you have any modelling pictures?
  13. they are gorgeous
  14. lol....i already bid on them :tup:
    im a 39 in CL but a 38 in the Helmut.
  15. Hoping you get them! :smile: