Just got my Saks Accessories Catalog

  1. I've actually seen this at my Saks in a royal blue color. I think it may have been a smaller version that was $850. I almost bought it b/c it was stunning...My SA was actually thinking of buying it. I just didn't think I would get enough use out of it to justify the price.
  2. I guess it depends on how often you use clutches... Even if you do have the opportunity to use clutches a lot, do you want to always use the same one?
    IMO, it's not classic enough to pay over 1k (and don't forget about tax!).
  3. I think it is Gorgeous, :drool: but I doubt I would purchase a clutch, just because I never go anywhere nice that requires a nice clutch, vs a bag. I say enjoy! I would buy this one if I had a use for it.
  4. I think its really cute but I think thats alottt for a clutch...besides...you probably wont use it that often and a clutch doesnt fit much stuff....maybe wait til it goes on sale??
  5. It's nice, but it just seems too pricey for a clutch.