Just got my Rust Bombay Tote - what do you think!?

  1. Sorry I'm going to make a new post for this to get more opinions.
    Thanks = sorry for the PJ plaid bottoms LOL
    crop1 (Small).jpg crop2 (Small).jpg crop3 (Small).jpg
  2. LOL..please SOMEBODY...what do u think?:confused1::confused1::confused1::drool:
  3. Really cute! Pretty color... Looks like a great all around bag. Congrats!
  4. It's HUGE! Love the color though and the pattern on it
  5. oh my....! she's a beauty!!!!
    I love the Bombay!
  6. I love the color and the details--seaming, strapping, etc. It looks good on a young woman. I'm too old to carry the large bags--they just look dumb on me, but younger women can carry them and look stylish. You'll look great with it! Love the pj's--you're at home and deserve to be comfy!
  7. You know what.....I'ts a great bag. I wouldn't carry it because it is very very big, and that is not me.....BUT......I would notice it in a crowd and say to myself......."great bag"......
  8. I like it but I have to admit it looks pretty big. Looks like you'll have to dig a bit. I like my Bombay satchel better but it's not a shoulder bag. The tote has no tassle? Ohh Nooo...that's one of my favorite parts of the bag...LOL
  9. hEHEHHE it has a tassle but it's hidden on the other side - I 'm not crazy about it - wouldn't wear it ;)
  10. I really like this bag and if I have to keep it I'll use it and then sell it - BUT I'm going to try to exchange it for a small satchel bianca in rust....the denim color is nice too...i'm going to see what happens...but I'm going to probably keep it - It kind of reminds me of the Kooba Marcella - in the color and the bigness of it - I tend to wear big bags - don't mind them I carry around a lot.

    If the Bianca..I"ll have to pay more for it though .....
  11. Gorgeous bag! I love the shading of the leather and all the details. It would be too large for me since I'm a small gal...but it's a beauty!
  12. Very cute!! I have admired this bag several times at the Nordstrom sale.

    Great leather!!