Just got my RM MAB bag in sage..I will be selling, it is WAY too big!

  1. I ordered it from bluefly and when it came I ripped that tag off like an idiot so no returning it. It is so beautiful but I am 5'1 and it looks like a suitcase on me! I'm so disappointed. :sad:
  2. that stinks! Do you think you could get used to it? Im just under 5'4 and Im hoping I wont find the mam too big
  3. I just got the Sage MAM....wanna swap???
  4. ooh tempting. I'm at the dr. With my dd right now because she's sick let me let u know when I get home.
  5. I'm 5'2" and love the MAB. Maybe its size just takes some getting used to, but I don't feel like it looks too big at all.
  6. im 5'2.5 (that .5 counts, okay!)
    i just got my black/blue stamp mam from bluefly too. and i think its small for me. but then again, i loveeee big bags.
    if you want we can swap. im pretty disappionted with mam as well though... for other reasons... i plan on making a thread about the hardware.

    how is your hardware? gold or silver?
  7. Pictures??
  8. When I first received my MAB in glazed espresso, I thought of the same thing too. It was way to big for me to carry around for everyday use. However, with a few uses, its size has become perfect for me. You should try to use it for a few days... you may find youself falling in love with it.
  9. I just got my MAM in sage too, but I'm not sure I love it, the leather has a lot of scuff marks and on the sides of the purse where the leather has a slight sheen it looks like the finish is flaking off:sad:, I'm kind of dissapointed, I was really looking forward to it, I might return it and just save to buy a wine one, plus I don't like that the zipper is a different green than the leather (the zipper looks dark teal to me)
  10. Thanks everyone! I will give it a day or two.
  11. If anyone wants to sell their sage MAM I may be interested! Please let me know. By the way, how's the color IRL? It almost looks gray in the pics.
  12. definately give it a day or two. when i got my black MA, i pulled it out of the box & was like "holy s**t, this thing is huge!" but now after carrying around nonstop for the past three or four months, i looove the size & realized that it is the perfect bag for me. i actually got a mam & think it's way too small. good luck!