Just got my refund, phew!

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  1. :confused1:Yay, just got my refund for the 06 Choc mini paddy I returned due a peeling lock and hook:tup:. I'm very releaved as it took a week from returing the item to getting my refund and I was starting to worry.

    Although I purchased my beautiful new Moka Quilted Bay :heart:to replace it (and I did find the mini paddy too small and know I will get more use out of the Bay) I'm having slight 'returners remorse' pangs. I was looking through pics on this forum and saw all the lovely mini paddys. Even though the bag wasn't right for me I still feel sad......:sad:
  2. Glad you got your refund. I can totally relate to "returners remorse". But, I do believe that if it's meant to be, you'll get it again (in better condition and possibly at a better price!).
  3. I am glad to hear that... Enjoy your bay!
  4. congrats on your refund and you made the right decision with the moka quilted bay.
  5. Congrats on the refund. For me, it's always hard to return a bag or sell one, guess I get attached. I just have to think about the new great bag around the corner.:yes: