Just Got My PT - Have Questions


Feb 11, 2007
Long Island, NY
I waited days for this bag to come and now I'm not so sure I made the right decision for me.

1) On a Black PT GSH, would you say the hardware is too heavy a look to be worn in NY in the Spring and Summer months? Of course, Fall /Winter looks is no issue, but now that I got this bag I'd like to use it throughout but feel it looks heavy-ish?

2) What is considered "great" Balenciaga leather? I have been reading all your posts where you use the word "Smooshy." The color of the bag (Black) is deep and rich, but I can't say it's smooshy. Does this happen after the bag breaks in a bit?

3) Kind of hangs funny on shoulder due to elongated size. Does City do this?

I need to have these answered b/c I can send the bag back and get a City. Oh Help. please


Mar 1, 2006
In the sunshine!
Can you post pics? It would be a lot easier to answer question 2 with pics.

I live in hot, sunny AZ and use my giant hw bags all year round!

I don't use the shoulder strap with my PT because it hangs funny and collapses in the middle. But using just the handles on the shoulder is fine.

None of my bbags are smooshy in terms of how die-hard Bal gals define smooshy. I hate that collapsed, "Is that a handbag?" look. I like my bags to resemble purses when set down. The leather is neither rigid or puddly on my bags, just the way I like it!


bag obssessed...
Aug 6, 2008
Central Valley, California
I think Black with GSH is a VERY classic combination that can be worn year round. I plan on wearing ALL of my bags year round!!

"Great" leather can depend on each person's personal preference. Some people like smooth, less distressed leather. Other like thick, super distressed, "smooshy" leather. I have an 08 Marine GSH Part Time, and it has definitely broken in (I bought it in August or September)...it is a lot softer and smooshier than when I first purchased it.

I suppose the PT can hang differently than the City since it is longer, especially if you don't have much in it. This doesn't bother me, but it may bother you? I find the PT more comfortable to wear on my shoulder than the City IMO.

Good luck with your decision! :smile:


Apr 23, 2008
Hi Lolasmum,
It's a shame you're not delighted with your new black GSH PT :sad:
I agree with sarag505, black with GSH is very classic, completely all year-round.
You said that the leather is deep and black - that's fantastic, and the leather will get softer and more 'smooshy' with time. Your bag's obviously very new, hasn't been broken in yet, lacks the wonderful character that will develop through use. Give it time, the leather will become supple and yummy.
Another reason why your bag hangs awkwardly is that it is new. The handles haven't stretched out and yielded yet. Also, the PT strap should be a little longer than that of the city bag. Shift the weight distributer around and see if the bag balances better. If you fill out your bag with your work stuff and belongings, the weight should distribute itself better in the bag.
If you're trying to decide between the PT and the city bag, it's important that you get your hands on a city bag, if you can, go to a store, put the bag on your shoulder and fill it with your belongings, so you'll know how it feels on the shoulder.
Is your black a 09 black by any chance, because that leather's sumptuous :drool:
Try not to rush into a decision that you may regret. Good luck, let us know how you get on :smile:


Feb 11, 2007
Long Island, NY
Hi, Thanks all for your replies. The bag is an 09. As I look at it more it's growing on me. It's just that I have been drooling for a color but since this will be my only bag for a while I chose the more basic. I guess it's fine without the shoulder strap. A slightly heavier feel than I expected, but I have been carrying heavy bags forever. I have many Marc Jacobs bags and I guess in comparison this is light. Another bag I have that I got and didn't go crazy over when I first got it is the YSL Muse Bag. Now I am thoroughly enjoying it so I guess I just need a little break in time. Of course again, I would have loved the GGH, but that's just not available now. I made my purchase through Saks. I'll play with the bag today and make a final decision by the morning. I know if I ordered a pink bag I'd be going wild now because I adore it, but it's just not practical for me. Who knows. I could wake up tomorrow and return my bag for the pink. I am just like that. Quick decisions.


Feb 1, 2007
I love the way it looks, but the giant hardware makes it so much heavier (some say 1 to 2 lbs heavier than reg) It's is a great winter bag and good for summer too. I have reg. HW PT in 2006 olive brown/marron and in 2007 black. I leave the strap hanging down all the way under the bag most of the time, but the shoulder strap is so useful when you need hands free (as opposed to work which has no strap) I find no strap impossible. WHY won''t they make a work with a strap?????
Post some pix maybe? I don't think you will EVER regret the black.


Jan 17, 2008
Winnipeg, Canada
Question 1: No, you can use it all year round and GSH is gorgeous, it's just too heavy for me
Question 2: have no answer to that because I'm a newbie too, lol
Question 3: City does that sometimes when I wear winter jacket. But with Spring or Summer clothes, it will be fine
Jan 11, 2008
i completely agree with you about the PT GGH being heavy! i have one and it just doesn't fall right when I use the long strap...i always have to adjust it because the shoulder strap just doesn't distribute the weight correctly...

i think if you have the chance to get the same bag in the city style, do it!