Just got my Pink Cambon Tote & my 3 yr old told on me...lol..

  1. The mailman just came with my new pink/black Cambon tote :drool:
    My little 3 year old says " What's that.."
    I said it was a purse, she always thinks it's a toy for her. :girlsigh:

    My DH works from home and was in his office.I didn't think he was coming in the living room anytime soon so I opened the box.Then I heard him come in and I closed the box.

    Well, then my little girl says " It's a purse, it's a purse.."
    DH looks at me because he can't make out what she said :graucho: .
    She put a little blanket over her and he said "Ohh,, a ghost" :roflmfao:

    Then he saw the BIG box it came in...and I was clearly busted anyway... :Push: :roflmfao:

    Oops... sorry, I meant to put this in the regular Chanel area..not the shopping area.
  2. LOL! That's cute! Too bad. . . you were almost in the clear!
  3. hehe aww well congrats on the new purse
    Model it please :smile:
  4. ahaha I want to see pictures!
    Your little girl is sooo cute, I actually take care of a little girl who looks kinda like her, how old is she?
  5. Lol..:busted
    I know you'll enjoy using it though!!
  6. hehe, what a cute story!!
  7. hahaha! that's sooo cute!

    your daughter is precious!
  8. :lol: your daughther is SO cute!!! hehehehe!!! congrats on the new CHANEL!!! be sure to post up pics! :wlae:
  9. Awww, your daughter is adorable! What a great story.
  10. Thank you for the compliment :girlsigh: She was about 1 1/2 in my picture and she's 3 now. She's at just the right age to start telling DH about the packages that are coming in...LOL..
    I'm going to have to start keeping some extra toys around to keep her from telling on me!
    yes.. LvBabydoll..I was indeed...:busted :graucho:
  11. Aww..thats the cutest story, you have to be extra extra sneaky. :P Looks like your daughter is on to you though. BIG CONGRATS on your new purchase, we all want to see pics!!!
  12. That made me laugh because that is something my kids will still say to my husband even though they are older. About 3 years ago when we were moving from one house to another my best friend and I went shopping with the kids and I found this cute wicker small cabinet in a unique store. What caught my eye was each of the 8 drawers in the front had a beautiful angel print behind glass, and it was on sale..... So I bought it and it just fit in the trunk of the car. My best friend and I carried it in the spare bedroom of the house and wrapped it in paper for the move, it was about 4 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide. It was hidden with all the moving boxes. So my little one tells DH Mommy bought furniture and put it in the car. I had to try to convince my husband it was a shelf for the wall and he bought it until we were moving and the kids showed him the furniture as it was being carried out of the house. Nothing is safe with them, they will tell DH everything I do, where we go. UGH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>it's is easier to buy online but we work from home and he usually sees the packages. I just can't win.
  13. haha, this is so cute!!! I don't have kids yet but I know the feeling of being busted by DH.....DH said I am so predictable.....even when he doesn't see the box....he can sense that I made some new expensive purchses.....I don't know how he can sense it, maybe I look excited, or i act wierd when i am waiting anxiously for a new purse getting delivered? I dunno, but he's just very good at it!
  14. that is such a cute story! I'm sure this is going to happen to me one of these days...
  15. Haha.. aww, that's so cute !