Just got my pedi and mani

  1. I am now ready for the evening! Now I need to pick put which of my beautiful shoes to wear? What shoes are you weaaring for New Years?:angel:
  2. Black peep toe leather heels with a missoni dress
  3. Christian Louboutin pewter Lady Gres

  4. Beautiful Louboutins, priin :love: What a great shade of pewter.

    I'm wearing my beloved pair of Manolo Blahnik Blixa heels :heart:

  5. Thanks Cristina. Those Manolos look really comfy! I don't have any Manolos, as I am a faithful Louboutin girl :yes: I would love to get a pair someday though.
  6. They're very comfortable! Heh, funny you say you're faithful to Louboutin, because I'm a Manolo devotee ;) My size 9 (or 10 sometimes!) feet just won't accept a beautiful pair of Louboutins on them :p Once you find what works, I say stick with it.

    Have fun tonight!
  7. I'm unveiling these Valentino heels tonight. Everyone have a fun and safe evening. Cheers!

  8. Thanks, you too!

    ITA with sticking with what works for you. I love to try out new designers though.

    Tiffany_Darling, I love those!
  9. Tiffany: Those Valentino are ABSOLUTLEY STUNNING!
  10. Thanks ladies. Even sweeter when you get them on sale :pand I wasn't screaming for my slippers at the end of the night!
  11. I'm a little late chiming in as the festivities began early (sister's birthday is the 1st too), but I wore my Louboutin bronze blings.





    They were quite the hit. I had girls coming up to me in the bathroom b/c they could see them under the stall. LOL

    Priin, love the pewter lady gres.
    Tiffany, those Valentinos are gorgeous.
    Cristina, those MBs are so classic!
  12. ashakes, thanks! I love the bling! ;)
  13. Ooo la la Ashakes - beautiful!:love:

    I wore Marc by Marc Jacobs platforms:biguns: