Just got my Peacock Sophia, totally in love!

  1. I got my beautiful birthday present (to myself, lol) in the mail today. Thanks again to thithi (and the other girls) for posting this on the eBay Finds thread... It's in near flawless condition (the plastic was still on the pushlocks!) and I can't stop looking at it/petting it!!!

    attaching some modeling pics, including one with my cat Koa... :love:
    P1010063.jpg P1010070.jpg P1010068.jpg
  2. I love that color so much ... it's beautiful, especially on the Sophia! :smile: And your kitty is beautiful too!
  3. Yay!! Awesome!! I'm so glad you snatched her. What a great deal you got! PB is definitely a beautiful color.

    Your cat is so freaking adorable!
  4. what a gorgeous color! congrats!!
  5. Peacock is one of my favorite colors! Congrats!! And how cute it looks next to your cat!!:love:

    Was this from the funny lady who talks to individual people in her eBay listings?
  6. Beautiful bag and cat!!
  7. I think so!! Fast shipping! I think they live in the same city. You ought to ask her who this Cheryl person is, inquiring minds would like to know!
  8. thanks Lanier, thithi, jun3machina, Cheryl & muggles! also thanks for the kitty compliments.. she's such a good cat, doing what she does best allll day.. sleeping!!

    Yes.. this was from the lady with the crazy eBay listing. Funny enough, when I won the auction, I messaged her and told her that I lived in Los Angeles and she actually lived in the area where I grew up (Studio City). I said that I was having my birthday party and would love to save her the shipping costs & could pick the bag up after I was at my parent's house. Never heard back from her! If I do, I will DEFINITELY ask her which Cheryl she is referring to!! :nuts:
  9. Love your new bag!!!
  10. Congrats, nice bag and pretty kitty, love the Sophia :smile:
  11. Oh wow, that's a stunning color! I love your new bag (and your kitty.. and your sweater too, lol).
  12. aw hello kitty! heh cute bag, and cat, of course! :smile:
  13. Dang, all you ladies with your gorgeous green/teal bags!

    You makin' me so jealous!

  14. oh my gosh that's gorgeous!!
    your cat seems to like it too...:p
  15. Thanks, kimair, thegirlgotsoul, tuffcookie, girliceclimber, beany & xi_captain. sweater was from old navy.. lol... oh, the things I'll spend money on... purses? yes. sweaters? eh. I think kitty's been jealous that the bag is getting all of the attention lately...:amuse: