Just got my new HH

  1. I just got my new Hayden Harnett Mercer Satchel yesterday and LOVE it!!!:yahoo: I got it in Chalk, as I :heart: the color!! The mercer satchel has 3 compartments, it's so organized, but still slouchy and casual. The leather is amazing, as all HH bags are. I'm so glad I bought it, I will be using this bag a lot. It has lots of interior pockets for everything and the two outside compartments have a magnetic closure, so it's a great place for cell phones, etc. things you need right away. There's nothing worse than a ringing cell phone you can't find in the bottom of your bag. I'll post pix tomorrow. Thanks to all you gals who answered all my questions about this bag. I love mine as much as you all love yours.
  2. Congrats! There has been rave reviews on this bag and it's good you like it too! Can't wait to see pics
  3. definitely post pics! Also take a pic of you wearing it so I can see the size...I like it in black for winter.
  4. i want to see it, shelley. so glad that there's another hh fan out there. i love my hobo everyday.
  5. Congrats!! Pics Please!
  6. Yay! The do make great bags for a good price