Just got my new Gryson Olivia in brown...

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  1. Have been wanting a Gryson bag for a while now, I finally got it yesterday. Luuurve the smell of the leather and the beautiful lining. One thing though...I took this baby out to work today, and realize that it's kind of heavy. I use the straps and not the handle today. It felt quite hard on my shoulder while I was walking around. Maybe I am getting old, I much prefer lighter bags like Goyard and Balenciaga over my Chloe and Prada nowadays. Does anyone else feel the same way about their Olivia? I always say to myself that I want to get a everyday bag and was hoping this might be the one, but God knows I change my bag like every two days. There is no such thing as a "everyday bag" for a true bag lady.
    I am worried that I won't be using it too often since I am feeling the weight too much...but overall, I would give this bag a "8", you can tell that she really put thoughts into her design and think I might try to get a lighter one from her line later.
  2. Oh dear...I'm sorry to hear it is heavy! But I've read that before. I just ordered a Gryson Joy Hobo (discontinued -- maybe because it is too conservative looking and not distinctive in the Gryson style) and my friend who is holding it for me says it is HEAVY. So...I'm not going to be a happy camper. I guess that is the suede lining at work, making it so heavy. Darn! I sympathize with you totally.
  3. I am sympathetic! I love the look of her bags but the weight keeps it from being a contender!! I am always on the hunt for attractive, REASONABLY PRICED, light-weight bags (boo hoo to Balenciaga which I love but $$$$$).
  4. CG -- see if Belen Echandia does anything for you. Also, Hogan and Mulberry. Belen Echandia is on sale right now -- see the thread.
  5. Thanks....I'll check it out!
  6. I have a Gustto setela and it is the lightest bag I own (including Balenciaga) - esp for the size. I LUV that bag! My bag's only about half full, so it's got this wonderful slouch, fits perfectly on my shoulder (w/LOTS of breathing room), and is so lightweight, I almost forget it's there!!!

    Congrats on your Olivia!! I bought a gently used Olivia on eBay about a month go, and just used her for the first time this week. I love this bag, but it is a little weightier. It can hold so much though, and even if you don't load it up, it retains it's shape and still looks great. I also carried it by the shoulder straps, and I think because there are two straps, it does take some of the weight off (it doesn't dig into my shoulder like some other heavier bags do).

    the leather on this bag is simply heavenly, and I can only imagine that it will get better w/age & use. And the smell is divine!!

    I'm seriously considering getting a Skye bag for lighter days!! (maybe the Skye won't be as heavy either)
  7. I like the Olivia but I got the Tate in the small size instead because I like the longer shape. The Tate is also on the heavy side but I like the style. In camel with the brown trim, it's unusual and can go from office to sporty. I tend to switch bags quite frequently so the weight isn't an issue with me.
  8. Okay this is the fifth day into my bonding with my Olivia, I am growing fonder by the minute, the leather has already gotten softer and I emptied out half of my bulky makeup bag! Today perhaps I was too distracted by all the sales that are going on, I barely noticed the weight on my shoulder while I was out shopping. It is afterall such a handsome bag, and for the look, you have no idea what a bag lady can endure.....
  9. marnigal, I know what you mean! I love my Olivia. I has a way of sitting on my shoulder and snuggling into my waist that makes it seem a part of me. I just don't notice its weight. I wore it all week when I was mega shopping and walking in NYC, and never once wished to be carrying any other bag!
  10. I feel the exact same way. I used my Olivia last week for the first time, and luv how it looks & feels hanging the shoulder. I think the double straps and the way they are constructed, take some of the weight off your shoulders - I don't know what it is, but although it's not a lightweight bag, it doesn't weigh me down like some other bags do. I also find that I'm not having to constantly push the straps back up or readjust them, as I have to do w/some other bags.

    I also luv how the leather smells and the softness of the bag's body. I notice that its softening the most all around the main zipper and the ends of the bag (all the places where the bag "bunches" up). And the inside - I just look for reasons to go inside the bag so that I can smell the leather & feel that luxurious suede.

    Olivia's become one of my best friends, and I see a long relationship ahead!!!