Just Got My New City!!!

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  1. I ordered late Friday afternoon, around 4pm. In my mail today was my first, official, expensive, designer handbag. I feel like a grown-up!:biggrin: I bought the City in Ink. I own about 95% black handbags and absolutely agree that the ink is beautiful.:love: The leather is very soft almost delicate. Does anyone use their bag every day? I want everyone to see it and am a little afraid if it will hold up. It will grow cobwebs if I only use it for good occasions. Should I treat it with a leather protecter or not? I heard that I should get Apple guard. The woman, who is the buyer for the New York store was very nice. The bag came very nicely packaged. I would definitely recommend them. Jacquee
  2. Congrats! I'm still waiting for mine.
  3. Post pics!
  4. Congrats- I am waiting for mine too! Post pics so we can live through you until we get ours too:love:! So jealous! Hope you love it!!!
  5. yes, pics! :biggrin:
  6. Definite congratulations. I also have 90% black handbags and see the b'bags as a way of injecting some interesting colors. I've also been told not to put anything at all on the b'bag leather. To just leave it as is. Has anyone else been told that?
  7. 0o00o post pics!!!

    oh you just spent like all this money on this amazing bag! you should use it every day or rotate it with your other bags!!! Most days i use my Black City and its great! It holds lots of stuff!!!

    congrats on your b-bag!!! weeeeee heeeeeee
  8. Congratulations! An ink city is a GREAT choice for your first Balenciaga! Notice I say first?? Thats because they are so addicting, you will definitely want more :nuts:

    Can you call your SA and ask what she recommends as far as treating the bag?
  9. Yipeeee! Cant wait to see. I'm waiting on my white City!
  10. Congrats! I have four B-bags and I have not treated any of them. However, my white Twiggy and pale rose Purse have not been used yet and they are the lighter ones. I wonder if maybe I should put something on them. ...:huh:
  11. I smear apple garde condition on all my b-bags, I have no idea why I do this; but, the previous owner of two of my bags did this and I followed suit. :P