just got my new business card holder in the mail

  1. ok so i bought it on eBay for 105. it was described as excellent used condition. 2 of the edges look a little dark and the front pocket is sticky. is this normal? is there a cure for a sticky pocket?

    does anyone have one of these? if so- how do you fit your cards in? it seems to me the only way to do it is in the middle of the accordian part- is that right? i don't want to force it but i wanted to know if i'm missing something.

    i found a chanel card holder i love last night. i don't know if i should resell this and get that one or make this one work. did i get such a good deal i should just use it? help.

    and if anyone wants a refernce i took a pic of my new red agenda and my old red card holder. the difference is really subtle.
    IMG_3733.JPG IMG_3734.JPG IMG_3738.JPG IMG_3739.JPG IMG_3744.JPG
  2. It's really cute, congrats! I don't know about the sticky pockets though. Maybe if you use some soap and water (lightly) to clean it up a little?
  3. very cute!
  4. Are the sticky pockets because of the material disintegrating? If that is the case you may have to have a new lining put in maybe? (don't take my word for this as I have not come across the business card holder and don't know what the inside is made of )
  5. I had the first Epi pieces with these plastic lining and my sil had to replace it because it was deteriorating. A very common problem with some of the older pieces.
  6. i'm calling the 866 number now to even ask if it's replacable.
  7. Congrats! Let us know what they say! :biggrin:
  8. Ooh congrats! I need one!
  9. cute! congrats!
  10. Oops! I forgot to say it was the pochette. I'm not sure if it's worth replacing the lining in a cardholder/wallet item though.
  11. i called and she said to bring it in to the store. i emailed the seller. we'll see what happens...
  12. Well however it turns out....congrats!!!!
  13. good luck! It's the rough epi is soo classy, hope you find a resloution to keep it :flowers:
  14. Love red epi, I have cles like that. That´s a pretty one, but I think the stickiness is alarming, the inside usually does this when it has been in a humid area and it´s pretty much ruined. Let us know what happens.
  15. Congratulations.