Just got my Mulberry Phoebe


Dec 27, 2005
I just received my Mulberry Phobe from Luisaviaroma today. I am not sure if I LOVE it:amazed: . I bought it in pink and the color is so beautiful and the design is very cool-love the buckles and shape but I am not sure if it is me.:huh: I don't know if I should be embarassed to say but I don't own any leather handbags. I have a few LV monogram and Prada nylon so I am used to carrying a lighter bag. This bag seems a bit heavy to me and bigger than what I usually carry. I also bought the Luella small Hobo purse and LOVE:love: it. I like the smaller shape and it is more my style.
What I am asking is what you all like or love about the Mublerry Phoebe. I am wearing it today to see what I think but I am really not sure if it is for me. I guess it may take some adjustment to carry a leather bag again. Last time I used one was when I was in NY for a week and I had carried a large black leather coash shoulder bag ( with not much in it) and I felt like it was the heaviest bag in the world). I feel like I am not putting too much stuff in the purse but it feels too heavy for me. Any thoughts?:lol:


Jan 12, 2006
Oooh, I wish it was chocolate or Oak and I'd BEG you for it! LOL!
Mulberry leather is pretty thick, which makes it feel heavy I suppose.
I love the bag because of the leather and the shape.


Sofa King Marple
Feb 23, 2006
Leather handbags certainly take some getting used to!

My Rosemary was the heaviest bag i'd ever owned until my Phoebe arrived and i couldn't quite believe just how heavy it was!:lol:
I just love everything about a leather bag...the smell, the feel, the way it 'squeaks' lol:shame: :blink: :love:
Especially with a Mulberry cos the leather is so thick..it's just divine. I have to admit i haven't carried it out the house yet though!:lol:


Feb 12, 2006
I think that's what happened to me when I bought my Mulberry Roxanne. I loved it so much, the smell, the feel, the look, everything...but the leather was a bit rough and I actually started having second thoughts....:amazed: But I realized I just had to get used to it and I have!! I love my bag, it's not rough anymore, it still smells delicious (I've had it for a month) and feels better every time I wear it (everyday). I think for me it was just the transition from a nylon, or thinner purse, to a leather, more substantial one. I cannot believe I ever doubted it, I love my purse!! :love:
Give it a try!:amuse:


Quirky and Cool
Mar 20, 2006
I have a Roxanne too,and it was initially pretty unwieldy. It really becomes "your bag" with wear though...mine's now a year old and it *really* has character:lol: .

I'm not a fan of the Phoebe. The style has never appealed to me.

If it's just the weight bothering you,just give it time.You'll adapt. Leather bags are dreamy.

If it's anything else,then only keep it if you really love it. If you don't,it's best to wait for a bag that you do love.


Mar 15, 2006
GIVE IT TO ME!!! :smile: I love mulberry.
But seriously I had the same problem a while back. I bought this lovely mulberry roxanne leather back that i thought was way too heavy, but i loved the leather and design so I just kept using allthough my hands got tired, but now I have gotten used to it, and don't even notice the weight!
So I think you should just give it some time :smile:


Dec 27, 2005
I wore the purse yesterday and still feel it is heavy. I got quite a few compliments on it from my friends. My husband thinks it is beautiful and says the leather reminds him of the leather in the BMW cars. I really like the look of the bag, think it is cool and the color is very beautiful. More of a muted rose not a pink like I thought so to me it will go with anything. I think I will enjoy it once I get the hang of wearing a heavier purse. My sister has so many nice leather bags and I always feel they are so heavy but I guess that is just the way leather is.
Thanks for all the replies--I will laught becvause once I get used to this bag it will start me on wanting more.