Just got my monimoni PLUM splendor [pics]...need advice

  1. hey girls!

    i just got my moni moni Plum Splendor today. And i had been anticipating for the bag to arrive.

    I have mixed feeling about the bag. It's really cute, i love the shape and style of it...but the colour is what's holding me back :crybaby:

    I don't kno how to describe the colour properly, it's VERY deep purple. The whole time i was expecting more of a dark browny coloured bag w/ purply-undertones. Bc that was my perception of the colour when i first saw the display pictures.

    But to me...it's more purple than brown. but i was hoping for the color to be more ambiguous, and that's why i thought it was so unique...

    i dunno what to do, i just don't think the colour suits my personal style...:confused1:

    i dunno if i can justify keeping something this expensive if i'm not happy with the colour.....:confused1:

    return? sell? or keep?


  2. Personally I love the color- and the leather looks oh-so delicious and smooshy :drool: But if you're not feeling and don't think you'd ever use it then I'd return it.
  3. hi princesspjpants!
    Where did you order your moni moni from?

    I personally think it is a beautiful colour - purple is a surprisingly great neutral. It goes with everything. In fact, I think it goes with your outfit you modelled in right not! I think this is a more beautiful colour than the caramel, which I first saw in real life picture on Lexie's bag!

    I think this is an interesting change to your wardrobe! I personally think the purple is a great choice.

    On a side question, do you have any other brown bags? If you do, I don't think you should think to get a brown bag. I think this purple is a beautiful colour for fall too!

    But what I find from other users is that if you asked a question about the colour - that usually means you don't like it - so if you don't like it - then get a brown one. But if you ask me I would keep this one - its different and its beautiful!
  4. I agree with both tPFers, the purple looks luscious and unique, exactly why I think it's gorgeous. But again, if you aren't happy, that's all that matters and you shouldn't keep it. I'm sure wherever you received it has a return policy?

    I think you should give it a fair shot though, the leather does look amazing and it's so :tup:
  5. You're actually quite lucky to have gotten this bag. From what I understand, plum is one of the most wanted colors and one of the hardest to come by. I think the bag is a gorgeous shade, and will compliment just about anything from jeans & a T to a nice pair of black pants to a pretty summary, floral dress.

    You have to like it however in order to feel comfortable carrying it. If you decide you don't want it, you should definitely re-sell it, as I know there are LOTS of people who would jump at the chance to own a plum Splendor!
  6. This bag is gorgeous - I'd keep it w/out a doubt :love:

    But if you're not happy w/ it, definitely return/sell it.
  7. i actually ordered from monimoni themselves.

    i actually don't have any brown bags...and was hoping that this was going to be "the one" back when i had thought it was browny-plum :sad:

    ...i only have a few bags and those are all in black too.

    o gosh, i think so too.
  8. u girls are throwing all these nice compliments and it's making it even more difficult for me to decide! lol :sweatdrop:
  9. i agree with iluvmybags, bc that's how i was feeling when i was tyring the plum on my shoulders...just uncomfy with how the colour looked like on me...

    i think it's just too bold of a shade for my comfort level....

    Hrrmmmm....would any happen to have any pics of the Splendor in Chocolate? i'm curious of what it looks like aside from the display pics....
  10. I personally love the plum color but if you wanted a browner bag, this is definitely not it. The Caramel is a little darker than I expected. It's more brown than the orangish tan I was expecting. I think the chocolate color is very nice and probably more of what you want. If I liked Moni bags and had my choice, it would be plum though.
  11. Wow, I LOVE it. But I love colors on my bags. If you're uncomfortable with the color - especially with a color that doesn't go with everything - you might not end up wearing it enough to warrant the purchase price, in which case I'd return it.
  12. Some please tell me who makes Moni Moni? Never heard of this brand. I like the bag, and I love the color.
  13. That is gorgeous! I, personally, really like bags in colors. I can speak from experience though that if you don't love it yourself you may not carry it enough to justify the purchase. It does look really good on you--great size.
  14. It is a great bag but it you do not love it then you do not love it. In your pics it looks more eggplant then a plum color.

    Tropical gal, The website for moni moni is www.monimonigirl.com they are also sold at adesa (spelling?) and sometimes they pop up on eBay for a deal as well.
  15. Can't be ho-hum about a $500 bag!