Just got my mini bowling, love it

  1. I finally broke down, and get my first balenciaga. I wanted city first, but when the sales people showed me the mini bowling, I felt in loved with it, and got the mini bowling instead. I got it in Tabaco color. Anyway, I am thinking about to get the city on ebay later, and wishing I can get a deal from ebay instead of paying retail full price.

    Well, I do have a question for all of you. Do you carry your balenciaga everyday? Are the tassels easy to get splitted out?
  2. Oh congrats on the new bag! The bowling bags are so cute!

    I do pretty much carry a Balenciaga everyday. I rarely use any other bags after I got my first Balenciaga. :P In my experience, the likliness of tassels splitting varies among bags. I've personally found that tassels on the '06 bags split easier than older tassels. I bought a brand new S/S '06 bag from a store and the tassels split completely within a few weeks, yet I have older bags from '03, '04, and '05 whose tassels have never split even though I bought them used and I have used them even more than my '06 bag. :shrugs: But I wouldn't worry about tassels splitting. You can always buy new ones from BalNY.
  3. wooooooooooo-whooooooooo, congrats on your new mini-bowler :yahoo:...i've got 2 of them & it's one of my fave b-bag styles!!!
  4. Congratgs!! That bag is so cute and how I haven't bought it for myself in white yet is totally beyond me!
  5. oh congrats!! please post pictures, i have seen the bowling in Truffel locally but i don't think i have seen the mini-bowling and the salesgal at the store was saying that the mini is just a little shorter than the bowling. i checked out pictures on naff's site, but i'd love to see some on a body as well. the bowling is SUPER cute. i really want a First next but i don't know, the bowling is a sleeper! :shame:
  6. Congratulations!!! I just got my first b-bag not too long ago. You will love it!!
  7. I've used my black city for over a year about 3-4 times a week and the tassles haven't split yet.
  8. Congrats I want a mini bowling too. I'm waiting for my 'first' to arrive. Can you post a pic of your bag?
  9. Congrats to your first b-bag,:yahoo: they are so addictive, it's terrible. I carry mine everyday (they take turns)
  10. floracai, congrats :yahoo:
    it's a great bag...
    and yes, i do only wear my balenciagas everyday :P
    i don't worry about the splitting tassels... it's natural and add beauty to the bag :yes:
  11. I rather like the split tassles too! The only ones that split were an anis I had and a newer 06 one. but I didn't mind at all. I carry them everyday. The poor koobas never get to come out.
  12. Thanks. I will post a pic later on. Now I want for a city. Gosh, this is addictive, the leather is so soft, I just love it.

    The reason I am asking about the tassels is b/c one of the tassel is already have some split in the middle, so I was wondering if it will get split very easier if I put lots of use on it. As you say, now I really don't care about if it does split soon.
  13. i can't wait to see pics! congrats!
  14. By the way, I bought it from Shirise in Chicago area.
  15. Congrats!!!!!!! Can't wait for a picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!