Just got my Megenta SGH work but..

  1. Hello
    I was all excited about this bag and when I opened the box I was so disappointed..:crybaby:box was damaged plus there were no balenciaga box included and this bag is veiny~!!!
    Please tell me about this leather ladies..I would love to hear from bbag gals~
    IMG_7164.JPG IMG_7165.JPG
  2. well, most of the 08 work bags leather i've seen in paris were like this. vert thym, pale magenta and sky blue. the city style's leather was more even and looks more like the 07 leather. The 08 days in EB, sky blue and pale magenta were really smooshy and soft. so i'd say it's normal, nothing to worry about. then again, it depends on you if you like this kind of leather or not. i think your pale magenta is beautiful. but if you are not happy with it, maybe you should exchange it with another color or style??? I don't know if this can make you feel better but the Balenciaga shops in paris, georgeV, printemps, don't give a balenciaga box, only a dustbag and a paper balenciaga bag. :yes: only accessories come in small boxes.
  3. Without a doubt the colour is gorgeous!!! I love the veins on your Magenta. I've seen so many pictures of Magenta 08 & a couple of them IRL & they are to some or worse degree VEINY.

    In fact I think yours is nicely even save for the top middle half but it could be the flash playing it down/up. I think if you moisturize you can de-vein it(Jo_ee did it with hers & she got amazing results). That is assuming you LOVE the colour enough to want to try to make the veins work in your favour. BUT if your heart says NO, then get another shade or try to hunt around for a Magenta you would like?
  4. ^^ awe, i'm sorry you're not happy girl, but i think your new magenta's gorgeous!!!...maybe you just need to give it a little while to grow on you...i think with use, the veins will become less prominent & she'll get much softer & smooshier!!!...the loved GH b-bags i've seen posted here on tPF are outta this world!!! :tup:
  5. i don't mind veiny leather personally. i'd mind a little bit if it's dry but that can be fixed too. any faults like scratches and imbalanced texture, etc.? otherwise, it's really quite gorgeous (i'm not a pink person). congrats!
  6. i love it, but i'm sorry you're not 100% happy of your new bag. to me magenta is one of the most incredible colours balenciaga has ever done.
  7. Hi Lulublue717!

    Unfortunately many of the bags SS08 collection have this characteristic.I say unfortunately because i prefer a intense and compact color,and because the veiny form a white grid which alters the colour. I think that balenciaga is losing quality , I 'm very disappointed :dots:
  8. I think its gorgeous.... but if you're not completely happy w/ it...return or exchange it. Sit on it for a couple of days & see if you feel the same. Just remember that each bal bag is different in its own way...wrinkles or not, plush or thin, .. (I have to remind myself that too).:idea: g:huh:d luck~!
  9. The 08 bags I have seen so far (only in Holly Golightly, that one and only shop which sells Balenciaga in Denmark) has looked like this. Very veiny but extremely pretty.

    I find you bag fabulous but as the other ladies say if you're not a 100% content you should return it....
  10. with most of the magenta i have seen, they are very veiny. unless, you love this veiny look then you should exchange it for a smoothier one. don't keep it unless you are in love with it. too much money to be spending on anything that gets you disappointed. it is still a gorgeous bag though.
  11. most magenta's I've seen are like this one...pretty veiny- return it if you don't like it, but maybe it just needs moisturizer?
  12. ITA!!!:tup: Maybe you want a more saturated color like 05 or 07 magenta? I think the 08 bubblegum is not veiny either so maybe that would work better for you?
  13. I really think it's pretty but I like veins not too many but I like them. I think your bag has way nicer leather than a lot of the magentas i've seen which looked really dry. But again it's important that you luv it!
  14. i recieved my sandstone without a box... it just came in the dustbag and was packaged very poorly. my advice would be to not order from the same SA again :ninja:

    i like veiny leather. my black city is very veiny and once it got broken in it became really pretty. it's really all a personal preference though... if you dont like it send it back and ask for less distressed leather :yes:
  15. All my bags even from Bal Paris, didnt come with a Bal box. I find only small things like accessories (wallets, cp, etc) come in bal boxes.

    I like the veins and I have seen the vert tyme and magenta close up as I was considering them as well, all were veiny. I like it but I can understand how one can be turned off by it. For me it is part of their unique beauty.