Just got my Magenta! I love the UPS man!

  1. Straight from Bal NY, brand spankin new! For once in my life, I can say I'm thrilled that I paid retail!:lol: :yahoo:
  2. She is darling.....Is magenta too flashy to go with outfit?
  3. yay!! so awesome that you got one! :yahoo:
  4. Yay!!! It's beautiful! I'm so happy for you! :smile:
  5. NO!!! Magenta is the best color ever...It's my all time favorite color and looks great with almost everything!!!

    Congrats on your new b baby..........it's truly beautiful!
  6. Is that a first or a city? it is very pretty! Congrats!
  7. i love magenta! congrats!!
  8. Oops sorry, I was all excited I forgot to say! It's a first:amuse:
  9. ahhh where do u live?! maybe there's a note on my door at home!!!
  10. acegirl, it's soooo pretty!!! have you taken her for a spin yet?? the color is TDF!!!!! congrats!!
  11. congrats!!!!yay acegirl. again so much better than that magenta twiggy you luckily didn't get from that shady seller.
  12. :yahoo: Congrats!:yahoo: I'm very excited for you! Congrats and great color!
  13. I'm in Indiana. It only takes 2 days UPS from NY but mine was mailed Tuesday. If yours was mailed on Monday, even if you live out west, you might just have it today!

    congrats! it's gorgeous, acegirl!!!!!!
  15. You've got a very special bag! Congrats to you!
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