Just got my INK Work, BUT.....

  1. IT LOOKS HUGE ON ME!!!! :wtf:
    I am quite disappointed because I usually love big bags, but the INk WOrk that I got looks absolutely HUGE on me!! I couldn't even really wear it on the shoulders either..I think it might be because the leather is too veiny so the bag DOES NOT slouch at all....

    Do you guys think I should sell it on ebay and use that money to buy a city? The thing is, I don't know if there are anymore INK CITIES in stores..and from what others have posted in this forum, it seems as if all the balenciagas left in stores are really veiny as well...Has anyone visited Barneys in Beverly Hills recently? That store is the closest to me so I think I might visit there to take a look at their stock...

    Also, I've never sold anything on ebay before so I'm kind of scared...

    Do you guys think I should keep the bag and use it a couple of times to see if I'll love it? Should I try to condition it in hopes that it will not be as veiny so it won't appear so huge? Or do you guys think I should sell it while it's still BRAND NEW? I am so confused :shrugs: ....ANY opinions would be greatly appreciated!!!! THANKS A BUNCH GIRLS

  2. you should try and condition it with products from lovinmybags. The products have done wonders for veiny, cracked, and dry balenciaga bags. I'd definitely give them a try before i sell the bag especially since there are no other inks out there right now.
  3. If you think it looks huge, then it looks huge. I am 5'4", but with fairly delicate features, and the City is about the maximum size I can take. Even the Day overpowers me. No amount of conditioning will make it smaller – it is already a dark colour and veins or no veins would not make that much of a difference. Your best bet would be to sell it.
  4. Thanks hellosunshine and Roxane.

    ^ I'm 5'4 too..and are pretty small boned

    I thought the city was a little bit too small because I kind of like big bags.. but damn that thing looks huge on me!! even my bf was like, "it looks like i can stuff you in the bag".........-_-.

    i just wish more ink cities are available so i wont regret selling mine cuz i really do love the color...
  5. welp, i'm only 5'2" & i think the work & the hobo/day look great on me :love:...but it's up to each person's personal preference & what you feel comfortable with...if you think it looks huge on you, then it's probably true that conditioning it won't help :sad:...i'd try to sell it to a friend or sell it on e-bay...it's a really hot color & should sell fast ;)
  6. i don't think the work should look too huge on anyone once u stuff it up cuz then it would slouch a bit more

    if u really hate the bag then selling it would make more sense, then u can look for ur perfect Bbag!!!

    good luck finding ur Ink :smile:
  7. If it's brand new...can you return it?
  8. I've been in the same situation. I saw the work IRL but they didn't have the city in ink that day and the SA was very persuasive. I thought it would be ok since I have a baby and carry around a fair amount of stuff and this was my first b-bag but hubby thought it was too hge and I'm 5.6/7 (then I bought a city and realised that it was a lot more comfortable with the shoulder strap.)So I put it on ebay, but offers were far too low in 3 weeks I would have lost nearly 400 euros since I had bought mine new and over retail.
    And then about 2 days ago I saw a really small lady with a beautiful black weekender, it was huge but so nice and slouchy that it just looked amazing on her.
    So I will condition my work another 2 or 3 times and then start using it. I can still sell it later at least I'll have some fun and that way don't feel I've lost so much...:P and the color is just so amazing!:love:
  9. from experience, my ink was sorta veiny too... but it's been a few weeks now... and guess what? It's actually softer & doesn't look like anything when i first got it... At first looked veiny & really shiny... but after use it goes away!
    I never put anything on my bag, and it turned out fine... it has character!!..

    My suggestion is wear it for a bit, maybe you'll grow to like the work size (I can't say anything about it since I never seen on IRL)...

    Show pictures ^_^ let me see!!
  10. Oh finally I decided to put it on ebay once again (I just feel guilty when I think of my hubby) :shame: ...and this time if it doesn't sell, my baby will stay with mama. At least i can tell him I really tried.;)
    Again if I were you I would wait a couple of days and if you still don't like it...sell.
  11. 1. If you're going to sell it, don't condition it. There are people who feel that this detracts from the value of the bag.

    2. If it looks huge on you and you feel that it does, then it's simply not the right bag for you. Don't settle. Ink Cities are available (just not readily in stores), be patient and they pop up from time to time.

    3. Conditioning the bag will remove its veins. So when you do get the style you want, feel free to condition it then. Personally, I left my ink city the way it was because I thought the marble-ing brought out more of the purple hues. It's a personal preference. Many ladies here have conditioned their bags and it is beautiful, soft and luscious.

    Lastly, good luck! You will find the right bag for you. Don't settle because then you'll end up just buying the bag you want anyways. I have learned that the hard way.... actually several times.... I'm a slow learner or maybe just hopeful. ;)
  12. It was too big for me too. I felt like it wore me rather than I wore it. I am 5'7" and it overwhelmed me. I think it looks great on taller girls. One of my friends that lives in NJ has a black one and she is 5'10". Looks good on her but she said her bf says it looks like luggage. I like them just right. Not too big, not too small. City and Twiggy are perfect for me.
  13. I have an ink work and it originally looked big since it was kind of stiff and shiny. It's softened so much, it almost looks like it has shrunk when I carry it now even though I'm not a tall person. I love it and can't imagine exchanging it for a smaller one at this point. It's a great color in the work style and comfortably carry it alot.
  14. hi! i just sold my ink city, and upgraded to an ink work... my ink work is super super slouchy!! i also have a new black work, and the two bags look so different next to each other. the ink work is so slouchy it looks smaller! and i can carry it on my shoulder, the black work i can not. I found my ink work at a consignment shop so she is super broken in, which is what i love about it. i think your too will most likely soften up and get super slouchy with time! heres a pic of the super slouch:heart:
    slouch2.jpg slouch1.jpg