Just got my HH triple strap in vachetta...is it a keeper?

  1. Is the color and style a keeper in your opinion? I love the versatility of it, the leather...Just deciding on the color and overall style. I don't work and so I'm not sure if this might be too structured and professional looking for my days spent shopping and dining out...when I'm not chasing a toddler around that is, lol. :smile: I know, I am so picky and I'll just have to decide on my own if its me or not...I just wanted some opinions from the experts! :smile:
    Please excuse my dirty mirror, shabby photo skills, and um really ugly arms! :sad: Not only am I super duper tan from lying out by the pool but I just realized that my arms have gotten super flabby! :sad: They used to be so nice and toned before dd...Oh well, weights here I come...
  2. it's gorgeous! i think it's a keeper! i love the shape! and the color is great for summer
  3. I love it on you! And your arms are NOT flabby! Why does everyone think they have flabby arms when they don't? I really think it looks nice on you...classy with an edge. It's making me really want one now. I say it's a keeper!
  4. I like that alot! Are those handles comfortable on your shoulder?
  5. I have this bag in Smoke Blue and I adore it! It is very comfy to wear. I would probably treat the leather, especially since it's such a light color.
  6. I don't think it's too professional looking at all. It looks so good on you, I'm thinking about getting one myself now :graucho:.
  7. Ah ... you lucky woman ... you have the one bag I can't bring myself to buy. Yet.:rolleyes:

    It is beautiful. It can be dressed up or down. It fits your lifestyle. It's VACHETTA, FGS*. It's just divine.

    Can you tell I really want it? I got a bittersweet ruffled Nomade, instead.

    Oh. But. I. Really. Want. This. Bag.

    It's a keeper, IMO.

    *For God's Sake
  8. I think it's definitely a keeper. I have this bag in black but I think I like the vachetta even better. It's a versatile, stylish bag.
  9. I think it is GORGEOUS. And I'm not an HH gal.
  10. it's funny, I didn't like the first photo but then the other two that show you wearing the bag totally changed my mind. and I don't think it looks too professional at all!
  11. Definitely a keeper. Looks great on you! This is probably the only HH style I would buy!
  12. Total keeper. That color looks AMAZING against your skin tone.
  13. That's a keeper! I think I should get one. It's mommy chic. Your arms are so not flabby! :smile:
  14. i have that in smoke blue too and i love it the only thing i dont like about it is i find the hudson a bit on the heavy side. YOurs is definitely a keeper, it looks great on you!
  15. really cute, its a keeper.