Just got my Hayden Harnett Inka! *squees!*

  1. My experience with Hayden Harnett: their shipping is slow (it took about 5 business days for my bag to be sent and ground was one more week), but it's worth it - the bag is wonderful.

    The leather is thick and like butter but the bag is surprisingly lightweight. It also smells divine. I love the inside as well, really roomy and practical, though I wish I had gotten that great floral print of theirs.

    Me and my Inka are going to be BFFs :yahoo:
  2. Pictures, please! :smile:
  3. Will be back tomorrow with some :smile:
  4. See? See? Didn't I tell you? Or maybe that was somebody else - but you'll do! Inkas are TERRIFIC!!!:wlae:
  5. i'm always surprised when i hear about shipping issues with HH because if i place an order before the late afternoon, i get it the very next day! (UPS has the NY--> Boston route down pat apparently). it's actually a little dangerous with my impulse control b/c i know i'll get the goods so quickly!

    i have yet to see the Inka IRL!! it sounds so lovely by all accounts, and i trust indiaink's judgment (take one look at her Inka rainbow if you doubt her commitment to the style ;))
  6. OMG...shipping is so slow! That's my only complaint though. I ordered a few accessories in May and they won't arrive until early next week.
  7. HH is my new obsession. Love the inka! What color did you get?
  8. Ladies, there's a black Inka on eBay right now with a BIN for $250 - I'd snap that baby up if I didn't already have a black one ...

  9. Yo Nerd - Did you get your Suki? Comments??!!! Love?