Just got my Gustto Baca and Setela!

  1. And wondering why I waited so long to order them!!! The leather is TDF, the studs are not too over the top, and I got both in the large size..they are perfect! Wonderful soft smooshy leather..yum! Any other Gustto fans?
  2. Yes, though I do not own a Gustto (yet). I've been drooling over the Setela for a few weeks now, keeping my eyes open for a steal. Please show us pics when they arrive!!!
  3. Aww, I got them from summerblu.com for 40% off last week...they had 40 off the entire website. I'll keep eyes peeled for another deal and will post it...
  4. Congrats! I don't have any Gustto bags but may get one in the future. The leather is beautiful and I really like the styling, just enough but not too much.
  5. pictures?! :smile:
  6. I'm def a fan.. I have the Parina. Congrats on both bags! I like the Setela too. Any pics? I want to see if it's really that big like everyone said.
  7. I am considering a Setela myself and I too would like to know if it is really that big! ;) Would love pics if you get the chance!

    Congrats, BTW! :smile:
  8. yes pictures? and i was wondering where everyone suggests buying a gustto? SAFEST place? i hate the idea of buying from somewhere and gettin a fake :yes:
  9. I can't find my digi cam; here is a pic of the Setela off the website. I got this color, and YES, the bag is this big. :p


    Here's the Baca I got:

    Yes it is this big and I got in black..

    Love em both!
  10. Thanks for posting. I still can't decide between the medium Setela and the large....I do like large bags so that may be the way to go. :shrugs:

    Congrats to you again! You scored! :smile:
  11. You know, for the small price difference, go for the large. I can see myself using it for files, books, even my laptop if I decide to use for that. But I can't say enough about the wonderful leather...
    Good luck, let us know what you do...
  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the setela! i really want one in a darker color...i saw a girl carrying one the other day and it made me remember how much I love it.
  13. I love the look of the leather of Gustto and have my eye on a Campitelli in Petrol.

    Congrats on your new bag.
  14. They look wonderful! I just ordered a Small Baca in dark brown. I love the look of this bag and the leather looks wonderful
    The Setela is first what made me look twice at the Gustto but I think the bag is too big for me. So I opted for the Baca.
  15. Its cute!
    Can't wait to see some modeling pics