just got my grey reissue, but there are a few problems, help please!

  1. Hi all, i just got my grey reissue sent to me from Saks in michigan, and i love it, but there are a few things that i need help with. one is that there's a really small dark spot on the very front, which you can see in the attached pictures, above the clasp on the right side (if you draw a straight line up from the "E" in "Chanel", you'll see it on the leather),... i know the leather has a worn effect, and i wonder if i should just chalk it up to that, or bring it to my local nyc Saks and see what they have to say (i certainly would NEVER give it up, but i'm wondering if they would've discounted it for the flaw - the jimmy choo store did that for me once on a bag that had a small bubble in the leather, and it was their last one). also, it didn't come with any kind of care/authenticity card or anything, which seemed odd to me. sorry if i'm repeating myself to anyone. i mentioned this in another thread, but i wanted to take a broader poll of you knowledgeable chanel lovers! thanks in advance for any advice you could give!
  2. Um...that's so tiny I had to really look to see what you meant. You need to weigh your love for the bag vs. whether the spot bothers you too much.

    For me personally, if I found a discontinued rare bag in great condition that I planned on wearing and not putting behind glass in a curio I'd keep the bag even with that tiny speck.:yes:
  3. The spot is really small so I would keep the bag.

    The only that would bothering me is the lack of cards...I don't know...if you want to re-sale it one day...
    If I were you I'll ask to have all the Chanel papers (+ you can always try to ask for a discount for the little spot)
  4. Thanks for the input! I definitely want to keep the bag, I'm just wondering what a salesperson might've said about the spot if i'd bought it in person. Lord knows, it'll probably take a beating from my own use!
  5. It looks like the bag has 2 spots. I see the one you describe, then, to the left of that spot, about 1 inch to the left and up about 1/2 inch, I see what looks to be another spot.

    I'm sure IRL they are so tiny that you cannot even notice them, and the color and texture of the bag really work to hide them.......but if it bothers you, and you paid full price.......then you have to decide if you could keep it. Also it sucks that the bg didn't come with the card.........if you really love the bag and were dying to have it - then keep it. But id these kinds of things bother you...then think about it.

    Little things alwaysbother me, so I know how it can be.
  6. Little things like that bother me so I would send it back.
  7. little things like that would bother me too. i would also send it back. without the autheticity cards, it will be a little bit of a challenge if you should decide to sell in the future. can they locate another one for you? i know how hard this must be for you... you want a bag soooo much and then to receive it and be disapointed due to minor flaws..arrgghh!!! tough decision to make now. let us know what you decide on. best of luck to you.
  8. I used to care about things like tiny spots, but once you carry it for awhile, it will get a few more... possibly. It's hardly noticeable and no one will ever see it without someone pointing it out.

    Would Chanel even discount it for you, or would they say to return it and send it to be destroyed. (Chanel is merciless when it comes to destroying merchandise.)
  9. I once tried to get a discount on a Chanel bag from Nordstrom because it was missing the authenticity card and because it had faint pen marks in a few spots (it was a white bag). The manager said there was absolutely nothing she could do about the authenticity card, but could send the bag to Chanel for cleaning, and absolutely no discount was allowed.:shrugs: I ended up returning the bag because it turned out it was quite heavy, and there were so many other white leather alternatives at the time.:yes:
  10. Try using some leather conditioner on the spot. A product like Appleguard Leather Care (not the cleaner, it is too harsh) or Leather CPR (super product - Bed Bath & Beyond and hardware stores carry it) may either remove it or blend it into the leather. I have used these products with great success on my Chloe and Chanel bags with no harm to the leather at all.
  11. Ambrosered, I got my black reissue through the same store around the same time, anyway, at first I couldn't find the card either, but finally I did : she had put it in the dust cover which was folded up and put then in one of the sections. Could she have put the card somewhere else? I am sure you have looked but I thought I'd ask. Sorry if it seems silly! I hardly notice the mark but like roey said perhaps you could try using a product.
  12. the spot(s) really are not a big enough deal to me to lose this bag and god forbid have it destroyed! i just looked again at my receipt, and they didn't charge me tax, which is amazing. so i don't think i;m in a position to complain or ask for any $$ off, which it sounds like they wouldn't do anyway. i looked all in the bag and in the receipt envelope, and there's no auth card. maybe this is b/c the person who sold it to me wasn't the regular chanel person, and it was late in the evening etc when i called for it? i tried to reach the reg chanel SA there today, but she wasn't in, so i'll call again tomorrow. do i need to ask for anything other than an authenticity card? do bags normally come w/ care cards or anything else as well? thanks!! girlie, do you love your bag?
  13. Yes, there should be a little care booklet. Anyway, you bag is beautiful, I love the grey. I am 100% no one would ever have noticed those two spots. At least the leather is very distressed, so it kinda blends in. Congrats on your beautiful bag.
  14. I do love the bag, mine didn't come with any care cards either BTW (please let me know if they are able to get some for you). I would post pix but the camera is nowhere to be found, as soon as I find it I'll post. Promise! She has some creases, but in places she should i.e that would have come anyway. I keep taking her out and looking at her and then putting her back to sleep! LOL, do I sound obsessed or what.
  15. No authenticity cards???? That's sketch. I would assume it is one of those bags someone returned and forgot to attach the cards back. And the SA happened to be negligent to check it out. The spot is so minor! It seems like a water spot. My bordeaux reissue got a trickle of water on it and left a spot like that, but it dissappeared within minutes. That's my best guess. I would keep your reissue, it's so coveted and rare. The black anniversary ones are selling at higher than retail on eBay, though noone has bid on any of them. It's a collectible.