Just got my first!!

  1. I just order my first LV- a red epi speedy 25. I'm so excited!!! :yahoo:

    I don't get to open it for three weeks though. :s
  2. Good for you! I am glad your first isn't a monogram or damier speedy, everyone and their brother has one of those!! sooooooo boring! but you got something with spice in it! and red too mmmmmm nice choice!! This wont be your last LV lol let me tell you, I was addicted when I got my first and here I am today... lol
  3. awww, congrats! red! what a fabulous color!
  4. Congrat's. I'm sure you're going to be on edge until you get to use it.
  5. Ooooh! Congrats! Great choice!:yahoo:
  6. Congrats! Love red epi....

    and welcome to tPF!
  7. Beautiful choice! Hope you can show us all when you get it!
  8. Oh, gosh! I can't wait to see your pics. Congratulations! The red ones are beautiful!
  9. Mmmmmm, red speedy. Great choice!! This is one of my very favorite bags, I love it to death & you will too.


    You done good.
  10. Congrats! The red Epi speedy is on my shortlist too!!!!!!!!
  11. congrats! Red bags are hot for the upcomming winter!
  12. Congrats! Beautiful bag! I am getting my mono speedy any day now in the mail! I hope you love it!
  13. Congrats! Red epi is gorgeous! :biggrin:
  14. wow red is gorgeous!!! congratulations in advance cant wait to see pictures :smile:
  15. Congratulations! It won't be your last.