Just got my first Rolex .... Yippee!!!!

  1. Not only do I LOVE jewelry but I really LOVE timepieces. I have several Ebel watches and one Raymond Weil. I never leave the house without wearing a watch. I've always wanted an oyster perpetual lady-date Rolex with a grey face, and I finally got one over the weekend. The DH always checks Tourneau when we are at the mall. Awhile ago they had one with a white face, but I decided to wait for one with a grey face. The one I bought is pre-owned. Tourneau gave me a two-year warantee. Has anyone ever purchased a pre-owned Rolex? I hope I didn't make a mistake. I really wanted this one in particular so I grabbed it. Let me know your thoughts. (I can post pics if you want to see it later in the week when the DH returns with the camera.)Now the only timepiece that is left on my "wish list" is the Cartier tank.
  2. Do we want pics? HAHAHA of course we do!!
  3. I'm so JELLUS!!!! I'm waiting for a salmon/pink face one :crybaby: :crybaby:
  4. Congrats! Can't wait to see!!!!
  5. :smile: My mom just got the pink faced one with the rose gold. :smile: She said it's eventually going to be mine..yay!

    :smile: I want to see pictures of yours! I bet it's beautiful
  6. Congratulations Kat...some of your best deals can be on preowned timepieces if buying from someone like Tourneau. I would love to see a picture when you have time to post!!!
  7. I've never purchased a pre-owned timepiece. I've always bought them new. However, this is the one I wanted and I figured Tourneau would stand behind it. Thanks for the feedback. It makes me feel better. I'll post pics when DH returns with the camera on Thursday.:P
  8. Oh wow, congrats Kat ! I can't wait for pictures. I'm not really all that knowledgable about watches so I can't really say anything else. But I bet it's pretty ! :graucho:
  9. Congratulations...I can't wait to see pics, I am sure that it is stunning!
  10. Yes, post pics! I LOVE Rolexs so much, but don't have one. I'd like to find a good deal on a pre-owned sometime.
  11. :yahoo: good one i looove rolex and i am sure your watch is a dream :flowers:
  12. w0w congrats!:yahoo: a rolex yummmeee. ooh i wish i could afford 2 buy 1, (still stuck on tags :sad: thats the only watch i could afford)
  13. Yay!
  14. Same here! I have a movado right now -- I know it's not so high end, but I absolutely love it (two tone band, black face). But I've been looking at TAGS. They are great too, but I wish I could afford the Rolex:girlsigh:
  15. Congrats! I have one also and love it - actually had one before and sold it back to the store at the time so pre-owned isn't a bad thing most of the time! Good luck!