just got my FIRST paddy

  1. er, ahem...i should have qualified...my first AUTHENTIC paddy. thanks for nothing, bluefly.

    but anyway my first real paddy came in the mail today! it's a silver baby paddy - i will post pics as soon as I get home.
  2. Excellent Daniela - glad you finally got a real one - Bluefly are yuck!

    Can't wait to see your piccies

  3. oooh congrats

    I love the baby, really looking forward to seeing your piccies. Congratulations :biggrin:
  4. Oh great congrats, can't wait to see your pics!
  5. [​IMG]





    i have one small problem - the strap that the key hangs on is soooo long!
  6. What a cutie, a great going out bag, congrats again!
  7. lovely bag

    ps: what happened with bluefly?:confused1:
  8. Congrats it's tdf! :smile:
  9. Congrats, love that silver color it is very rich and warm! My key always bugs me so I end up just tucking it into the side pocket out of the way, or maybe you can unloop it and double it up a bit to shorten? Anyway, enjoy your bag, it's gorgeous. :smile:
  10. nice baby..congrats!!;)
  11. CONGRATS - it's gorgeous!!!!!! :yahoo:
  12. OMG, I love it!!!

    This baby is adorable :flowers::flowers::flowers:
  13. Gorgeous, that colour is so beautiful, congrats! :love:

    ...About Bluefly, are they still selling fakes..? :huh:
  14. Bluefly sells fakes???? Really - at those prices?? I didn't know. Thanks for telling us!!!
  15. beautiful paddy use and enjoy her