Just got my first Louis Vuitton in Zurich :)

  1. I just got my first louis vuitton while i was on vacation in Zurich, Switzerland...a mono speedy 30...its perfect i love it so much!

    The best part was it ended up being much cheaper than the $620 i would have spent here in the US...it was like $560 with the conversion rate then i got like $30 vat back...but my parents bought it for me fopr my birthday so i doesnt really matter but i love saving money! :yahoo: i'll post pics later.:heart:
  2. congrats!!! please post pics!
  3. Congrat's.
  4. Yay! Congrats- it sounds like you got a great deal on it!
  5. yaaaaaaaay congrats on ur speedy!! :nuts: what a great Bday gift!!
    Please share pics !! :jammin:
    LV in zurich..:tender: the one in the street near the train station!! (i think the street's name is Bahanofstarss?) when we go to zurich i end up flat broken from walking there!! :yahoo: However i never actually entered the LV store there.. i would just stare like this :girlsigh: can u tell me.. is it a big store inside?? :upsidedown: <<sorry its off topic! :back2topic:
  6. Congrats!!!!
  7. Wow! You have really saved a lot! So nice to have a speedy as a bday gift. Makes the bag a lot more special :smile:
  8. First, congrats on going to ZURICH for your vacation!!! And then second, big congrats on getting you Mono Speedy 30 there and at a better price. That Speedy will always be special for you, having gotten it in Switzerland and from your parents for your Bday!
  9. Wow...congrats...and getting it from such an exciting locale!
  10. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. yeah its on bahnofstrass...omg that street dont even get me started lol...the store is not BIG by any means but not small...i live in nyc so im used to going in the huge one to lust (never bought lol)...but the zurich store is cute and comfortable :smile: the slaes reps are very nice and they have a few clothing items and i remember theyb only had one of the damier speedys but had some preforated stuff and the chain print bags...we went kind of late and there was NOONE else in there so we got a lot of attention wich is always nice :P def go in it next time if ur there..do u live in the US?

    Thanks everyone! It is very special to me! Just what i wanted out of my first LV...hehe but now ill prob get addicted to...... :love:
  12. :yahoo: The Happy Birthday Present :yahoo:
    Congratulations!!!!!, what a great bag, come join the Speedy Gonzales Club. I love seeing everyones babies in there. :yes:
  13. congrats-it's nice you got it at such a great price. post some pics!
  14. Congrats on your new speedy..love Zurich..very charming..

    Don't forget to post pics
  15. awwwww thanks for replying dear!! :flowers: your describtion of the store made me wanna fly now!! looool my upcomming summer vacation will be near zurich.. so i get to jump in the train and hit the road to Bahofstrass when ever i feel like emptying my wallet!! :lol:
    i remember i loved to sit in starbucks there (my other addiction in life looool).. i thought it was one of the most peacfull least crowded ones in the world!! :tender:
    i live in saudi arabia..:flowers: (originally saudi) but have been to the states for vacation many times before.. LOVED it there s:huh:o:huh:o:huh:o much and i wish to visit again in my near feature:love: