Just Got my First Chanel..Should I keep it?

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  1. I have 2 weeks to decide. I havent taken it out of the box yet. But I want to! Anyway, it is the Grand Shopping large tote. With Acrylic strands that are woven down the front and back of the bag. I was told they just came in. Anyone seen it? Any thoughts on it? I am really nervous about spending that much on a bag. Also, the strands make me a little nervous. :confused1:

  2. is that the GST? the square boxy looking one? u should be excited abt ur first chanel, if not then return it and get something u love... cos u sound like you are having second thoughts!
  3. What do you mean by acrylic strands?
  4. She means the new MODERN CHAIN..I beleive
  5. Actually my husband bought it for me while we were out shopping. I loved it when I saw it. I am just nervous about 2 things the price and the Acrylic Strands. So I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this bag. Im not sure about the type. It says on the box Grand Shopping, Noir, Uni...If that makes more sense. I am a newbie to Chanel bags...:angel:
  6. yes, it is the modern chain. Someone just posted a picture of the flap version on a thread above mine. The one I have is the double strand... It is so adorable.I will try to post a picture.
  7. Take it out of the box and show us! :yes:
  8. I've never seen it but am very curious! I love the whole modern chain line! What a great hubby you have :heart:
  9. :cursing:This is killing me...I have been searching for my camera battery. It is MIA. My cleaning lady was here. It was in the charger and theyre both GONE! I'll keep searching I'll try to post it tomorrow. Please check back. I really want some feedback. Thanks!!!
  10. well if you are not completely in love with it then exchange it for something you love!
  11. OKAY! Here it is.....I had to use my camera phone...LOL

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  12. I love it! Definitely a keeper in my eyes!
  13. definitely a keeper! hot!
  14. So you dont think I need to worry about the plastic strands? I can see it breaking or cracking..I fell in love with it..But I guess I am just obsessing right now.
  15. as long as you don't carry bricks in it, think you will be fine, besides Chanel offer 1 yr warranty, so in case it snapped or broke, they will cover it. But don't over load it either. Congrats on ur bag, what a nice hubby! :flowers: