Just got my first chanel...no.#3 in the last one hour?!

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  1. I got a large black Caviar classic flap with silver h/w.:yahoo:
    All because of the price increase carziness, LOL!

    My girl in vegas told me that lambskin is very fragile, easy scratched by long nails, I was going to get a lambskin, guess not. She is in Wynn hotel chanel boutique, her name is Stephanie Wong, lovely girl. Tell her michelle sent you. Can't wait to post picture to share with you'all.:love:
  2. Congrats!! =)
  3. Thanks, same to you. We all got sold by the same bag...
  4. Congrats. It's a beautiful bag.
  5. Congrats!! You will love it!! You won't have to baby the caviar. ;)
  6. Congrats! Pics pics!
  7. congrats! I loved Chanel in the Wynn the best!
  8. congs, classic rocks
  9. congratz on your new bag! :heart:
  10. congrats! can't wait for pics!
  11. congrats! plz post pics when you get it!
  12. I got the Caviar for the same reason!!!! You'll love it!!!
  13. Ohhh nice, I love black caviar! :smile: Can't wait to see pics! I need to figure out my camera situation and do that sometime too haha!

  14. Congrats!!!!
  15. Thank you ladies, she told me I should get it by Friday,can't wait, I finally can eat and sleep...