Just got my first Chanel bag--it's a

  1. black jumbo classic flap caviar with s/h :yahoo:. Bought it at my local NM store yesterday, and the SA that I dealt with was fabulous :tup:. I finally decided to get it after doing research (reading so much about the classic flaps) ;).

    My bag addiction started with MJ, then BV bags, and now I'm hooked on Chanel bags! They're sooo beautiful, and since I have a lot of hobos, totes, big bags, I decided to get a nice, classic flap bag. I did see the lambskin one, but caviar leather fits my lifestyle better.

    Here's just a general pic, doesn't show much detail since many of you already know what it looks like.
    pictures 008.jpg
  2. beautiful beautiful beautiful :tup: I get more and more antsy about getting my first chanel every time I read the Chanel forum!
  3. it looks beautiful on you!
  4. Congratulations!!! It's a fabulous choice for a first Chanel bag:yes:. Enjoy your bag.
  5. Congrats. That's the bag that started it all for me!!:heart:

    Once i got mine and wore it and fell so much in love i set out on a mission to find more and more colors.

    Good luck. its only a matter of time before you want another......
  6. Congratulations! What a great choice for your 1st Chanel.
  7. Perfect classic for your first Chanel bag - congrats.
  8. Lovely bag, is that the jumbo??
  9. It's beautiful....what a fab first!
  10. gglvs2shop, the bag looks wonderful on you! I'm new to Chanel myself and have found myself getting itchier and itchier for one :smile:
  11. wow, i love it, congrats!
  12. Congratultions on getting your first Chanel. I am so excited to get one eventually.
  13. Congrats! Great choice! =)
  14. Wonderful bag ... congrats!
  15. Congrats on your first!