Just got my first Burberry item: Alvington Wallet

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  1. So my Rag and Bone wallet wasn't as durable as I hoped. And was too stuffed. So it was time for a new wallet.

    One that would hold most of my cards, ocassionally fit my phone, and deal with the stuff that accumulates.

    I have a Prada continental wallet, but it was too small for my phone. I decided to hit up all the boutiques and department stores. I was waffling between full sized and phone sized.

    I wanted a non neutral color, but not something cherry red. Or pastel. And this is the season of pastels. I wanted mostly leather lined and something premium feeling.

    Michael Kors Collection

    Prada had potential with the partial zip continental. But there wasn't a color I fell in love with. I thought about visiting the outlets this weekend hoping last seasons colors would work.

    I found a similar Ferragamo, but the boring black and lack of a back zip made me hesitate. There was a Celine envelope that looked great but was possibly too big.

    On a whim I stopped in the Burberry store a 15 minutes before closing.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the zip/flap combo of the Alvington. The zipper area was huge. There were 12 card slots 3 slip pockets.

    I liked the large zip area that could function as a cash / coins / phone area. And there was an extra slip pocket. The lining was mostly leather. The logo and branding were super minimal.

    And I left with a big wallet, slightly bigger the my phone wallet. That is fairly slim. Fits my more than essentials. And has room for my mini pen.

    Who knew Burberry would have what I wanted.

    As for the color? Dark plum, a nice oxblood / burgundy like color. And it happily fits in most of my small purses. Pics to follow.
  2. Pics!

    This wallet doesn't seem to be very popular. I found it to look super classic!
  3. Very nice indeed. I like the way the card compartment is completely separate from the zipped area - clever choice! Love this colour too - goes well with black bags. It looks quite big though - bigger than say a Ferragamo continental wallet?
  4. It seemed much bigger than it actually is. Just a bit taller than my other continental wallet and pretty thin. Has a roomy bill compartment for Euros.

    It looked so huge to me and I put it next to the rag and bone phone wallet I was replacing and it was maybe 1/4 inch taller and about 1/2 longer, as that one wasn't long enough to unfold the bills.

    It should for an iPhone 6 Plus too I think. My 6 has plenty of room in there.

    I did a test run in a couple of smaller purses and it was fairly similar and fit in my mid-sized cross bodies.
  5. I love the colour! Looks really good wit the gold hardware. Gorgeous wallet, congrats
  6. I love the alvington continental wallet and I just got my first one in the hot pink. I wanted a pop of color and I initially saw online on sale at Bloomingdale's but I wasn't sure of the dimensions and went the the Nordstrom's in my area to compare the size. I wanted something that my iphone 6 plus would fit into with multiple credit card slots but by the time I saw it in person and checked back online they were sold out. This is my first burberry item and I must say that I am loving it, I haven't put my items in yet and I have had almost three weeks lol
  7. oh that's gorgeous! the color is stunnig - unique but still can go with anything. Burberry has beautiful wallets.
  8. Here are some show of previous wallets for size comparisons. Prada continental from a few years ago (iPhone4 friendly), Rag and Bone iPhone 6 wallet.


  9. Thanks all! I was worried about size, but it is great. And I can use my mini pen again. :smile:

    It also has plenty of leather in the interior. Want this to be my forever wallet!
  10. Thought I'd post an update now. Overall I am pretty disappointed with this wallet. After a few months, the zipper pull started to come off. I almost lost it several times. I took it in to the Burberry store for repair. I still had the zipper pull and included it with the notes on the repair.

    The repair was a terrible experience. First they couldn't find me in their system. Apparently the SA misspelled my name or never registered me. I had to hunt down a online credit card statement to prove I was under warranty.

    Then I sent the wallet off, it took 6 or 8 weeks to get repaired. And they replaced the zipper pull, not with the one I sent, but a matte one that didn't even match the wallet. To top it off, the SA at the store didn't even bother to keep my contact information to inform me when it came back. He reached out on Facebook?!?!?! I got my wallet back and found a slip of paper with the contact info on it.

    So no more Burberry for me. After care service was terrible and my wallet doesn't even look right anymore after "repair." I am looking for a replacement and will sell this one. Such a bad experience from a high end brand.
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  12. Nice wallet Jade, I love the color! Enjoy your new Burberry wallet! :smile: