just got my first Bbag!!! Now, how can I post pics??

  1. I just got my very first Bbag (gorgeous sapin city!!). How can I upload pics from my computer, and post it as "attached thumbnails" ?? Yea, sounds like a stupid question, and there's probably a "help" thread somewhere, but I just cannot find it! :confused1:

    Thanks! I really want to share my new baby with you :drool:
  2. Thanks ladybugfreckle! Pics will follow ;)
  3. Here we go!

    It's so difficult to do justice to the beautiful color and leather!

    19.jpg 21.jpg
  4. It's beautiful! Congrats on your new bag and thank you for sharing photos!
  5. That first pic REALLY does justice! :drool: Enjoy, what a beauty!
  6. :yahoo::yahoo::nuts: Congrats!!!! Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the photos. ;)
  7. Congratulations on your first bbag!! The leather looks beautiful!!
  8. very pretty color, enjoy!!
  9. That green colour is so stunning!

  10. CONGRATS!!! Lovely green!!!
  11. Looks good.. i love the leather on it..
  12. gorgeous color!! congrats!
  13. Oh... I like this green :girlsigh:
    Congratulations and enjoy!!
  14. congrats on your first bbag!