Just got my first Balanciaga! NOW I know what'yall are talking about!

  1. Hi - probably my first time posting on this forum. Usually over in Hermes......I've recently decided to stick only with some real classics and such that will withstand the trends and test of time. I thought for many years about getting a B-bag but wanted to get rid of some other stuff first. So....Sunday, after reading through this forum and being amazed at the possibilities (and everyone's knowledge!), I called Bal NY and ordered a black Part-time (Daphne is awsome!). It arrived today at my office, and believe it or not I was so distracted with work (how's that for a switch!):graucho: that I forgot I had the box sitting next to me for 3 hours! Anyway, I just opened it and it is perfect....really veiny-distressed leather, the smell is TDF (I keep sticking my face into the bag), and it just looks so cool and edgy.

    Sadly, I think this has now tipped me over the edge, and I am contemplating ordering an anthacite classique/first (are they the same?) for a cool-toned going-out bag....

    Yay! Pic attached. I'll have to post one of me wearing it for proportion purposes...I'm 5'9" and 125 lbs....

    *edited* In my excitement I typed NOT in the title instead of NOW....duh.
  2. wooooooooo-whoooooooooo, congrats girl & welcome to our sick & twisted little bag world!!! :graucho: :wlae: :tender:

  3. Thanks! yep...I'm a goner.....
  4. Ain't that the truth! Now you will be obsessed like the rest of us! Congrats! It looks awesome! :yes:
  5. It's great to hear you love your new bag! In addition to the gorgeous leather and style, that new Bbag smell is sure to get you hooked.
  6. ^^ bye-bye H-bags, hello b-bags :party:
  7. CONGRATS! You'll love the Part Time!
  8. Gongrats! It's a beauty.....looking at yours I want more too
  9. Congrats! It's a beauty!
  10. Beautiful!!

    And it kind of sucks doesn't it? I just recieved my first bbag yesterday and although I was initially disappointed, after just playing around with her at the house the leather slouched up... and I want another one!! haha They are addicting. I feel it already.
  11. Ooooh lovely bag! Congrats...

    Welcome to the dark side :devil:
  12. LOVELY :biggrin: congrats~~~
  13. Congrats, its totally addictive over here.... welcome to our world!!!!
  14. It's a beautiful bag - enjoy!!
  15. aww congrats on your first purchase!!! :drinkup: Welcome to the bbag club...I hope you'll find the reason why we love these babies...the leather, the style..all of it makes it a classic but wearable bag!!!
    Here's to many more!!! :drinks: