just got my dream bag *picture*..but

  1. I was so happy today...
    since i woke up, i stood by to wait for the postman, and he came w/ my dream bag that i've been lusted for a year!!!
    thx to my RAOK buddy, Smoothoprter who help me get this beauty;)
    WHITE BABY CABAS! yay:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:


    However, i havent dare to touch it yet since it is white.LOL

    Anyone use something to their white bag before use????
    i am kinda paranoid, since i love her a lot!!!!
    white baby cabas.JPG
  2. congrats!
  3. congrats to you!
  4. so cute~~ Perfect for spring!! Congrtz!!
  5. lol! ur so cute! enjoy!
  6. OH my GOODNESS --congrats!!!!

    I would Love to have this bag. Lucky lucky lucky!

    I was paranoid about having an all white bag when I bought my white cambon reporter but it goes away after you break it out for the first time.

    Granted I still don't waer mine everyday....white is so crisp and fresh....you are going to love it!
  7. :drool: FABULOUS!!! LOVE the color AND the style!!!:love: Enjoy!!!
  8. congrats! it's gorgeous! i love it when someone finds a dream bag, thanks to another kind member! so sweet. :smile:

    don't be afraid to use the lovely bag! just spray some apple protectant on it, and be careful where you put it down, and you should be fine! :smile:
  9. I ususally don't care much for a white bag but boy, this one is beautiful!!
  10. It's stunning!! Use it! Life's too short to just stare at a bag, although a bag that beautiful, well, she's a work of art.
  11. Congrats! Just love the baby cabas!
  12. thanks ladies for the nice comments:smile: i adore it!LOL!

    bearkeeper, i thought about using apple water repellent too, but i wonder if it will darken the color?
  13. Congrats- it is a lovely bag!
  14. congrats, it's a gorgeous babe
  15. Congrats. It's a beauty:yahoo: