Just got my Diesel bag I ordered...

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  1. #1 Jul 16, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2009
    In reference to this thread:

    I contacted ValhallaBrooklyn and she declined to take on my custom job, though I am pondering contacting the recycled leather jacket bag-company in the future.

    I need to take a pic of this new Diesel next to the Fossil to show the color difference. This Diesel is a bizarrely light brown that translates almost as camel. What it is is a white leather bag that they like spray-dyed with brown. It's bizarrely cool and I can't decide if I like it. I was expecting it to be much darker. The compartments and build of the bag itself is totally awesome. Well made, slightly heavy, but set up how I like a bag set up. When my wallet gets in there (a costanza wallet!) it will weigh a ton, but even my minicity did and that weighs nothing on it's own!

    The Fossil I like is shown in that above link. I love the color of it, it's a darker more cognag/whiskey color but the build of it I don't love, there arent enough compartments for me, and it feels a little less purse-like to me. If theyll let me do a side by side photo I might.

    Here are some photos of the Diesel bag in person and on me. Don't mind the office since it looks like an explosion hit. And whatever my gut is doing... The side-by-side image is my brown Etsy bag which was made by TheLeatherStore on etsy. There were issues with craftsmanship upfront but my local repairshop fixed them. It was a darker brown than I wanted, a nice chocolate, but pretty.

    Thoughts? I am inclined to keep it since the functionality, etc is pretty darn awesome and maybe Ill dye it someday.

    I got it for 225 marked down from 280.

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  2. I like it and I like it on you. You're right, it's an odd, almost a washed out brown type of color, but it's not a bad thing, it just give the bag more character. I'd keep it but that's just me! :smile:
  3. I think I am going to. Thanks! When I got home I put the apple all over it and sprayed it down. It SLIGHTLY darkened it, not as much as expected. It's drying now and hopefully will be useable tomorrow. I figured I could always buy some of the dye that's discussed on here at a later date and stain it a little darker all over.

    The shape, the size, the organization is exactly what I needed, and Ihave a strap I can take from another old bag and hook on to make it crossbody.
  4. I like the color. How does the leather feel?
  5. Amazing. In fact, the "leather god" at the Nordstrom here stalked me for 10 minutes before he caught me to ask about it. He groped it. Smelled it. Almost stole it. Asked where to buy it. And then apparently bought it online as soon as he got to a computer outside of intranet! haha! The sales girl I bought my jeans from thought it was absolutely hilarious. She thought he came to see her.