Just got my diamond in glass

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  1. Just wanted to share my new purchase, ImageUploadedByPurseForum1379030278.075951.jpg


    This is a 0.28 F colour diamond. The design magnify the diamond to three time the size.
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1379030465.204124.jpg

    Also looking at the ring..

    This is a 0.4 diamond..
  3. i have never seen anything like it! wow!! congrats!! it's all beautiful!!!!:woohoo:
  4. That is so unique. It is beautiful.
  5. Wow, I've never seen anything like that. Who makes those?
  6. very unique! would love to know the designer :smile:

    is it solid? there is no chance of the glass breaking?
  7. i think i found the website.

  8. Hi, got it from a local shop where I am from. Was told they obtained the patent from Europe.

    Bought the pendent for $3000. F color VVS1, 0.28. Not sure if price is ok, as this is the only shop selling.

    Thought of sharing as I thought us que cute.

    Was promised would not break even if it fall from normal table height.
  9. Sorry, I meant to say

    Thought of sharing as it is unique. 😅
  10. Beautiful!!
  11. That is really neat! I like it!
  12. Never seen anything like it...congrats!
  13. Beautiful design :tup:
  14. Oh wow that really is unique, love it!
  15. it's so wild and unique. i totally love it. i would have tested out the salesperson's theory and told her to drop it on the counter to prove that it's not going to chip or break as i've had salespeople tell me anything to make a sell. of course you will probably be taking excellent care of your pendant and ring :smile:

    thanks for sharing.