Just Got my Damier Sppedy and I have a ques

  1. Hi everyone! I recieved my damier speedy 25 from elux today and it is beautiful! I am in love. I have two questions. I did not recieve the 2 LV tags I usually get when I buy my bags from elux and the store. Did anyone else have this problem. Also I signed up for ****** to get 35 back but this transaction did not post to my ****** account. How long does this take? thanks!
  2. I ordered on June 1st and I rcvd the 2 Tags, Also ****** usually takes 3-4 Days depending on which vendor you shop from.
  3. I think mine came with two tags (they were inside the pocket).
  4. Sorry. . . but what 'tags'?
  5. The barcode tag and the material tag. Should I call elux and ask why I did not recieve them?
  6. The tags were in the inside pocket of my Damier Speedy 25 and my ****** took about a day.
  7. I looked everywhere and they are no where to be found:oh:
  8. I don't really think you need them, do you? I just toss mine out after the bag's been used.:shame:
  9. No I dont need them but just found it odd they were not included
  10. LOL I think my tags are still in my Damier Speedy pocket and I have been using it.
  11. i got mine as well...but unless you're going to sell it does it matter that much? as long as you got it from Elux, there's no problem :smile:
  12. i keep all the tags, sometimes they throw it away before my purchase and i make them get it back. it helps when you sell it.
  13. The tags don't matter much, if you're not planning to sell it then I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    I got the tags with my purchase but didn't get the lock/key set!!! =( Also I think it took ****** 2 days to send me my email that told me I got credited
  14. Got 2 tags, but sometimes they are missing, I don't really care.
  15. I do like to keep my tags. I received mine with tags but no ******. Was I suppose to receive one?