Just got my coral red day and I don't know!!

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  1. I saw some pics here and was expecting something a little more reddish. It really is very neon orangish looking in my opinion. The leather is beautiful. I got it from Erica and it is very chewy, kind of like my jaune. A lot of texture. And it is probably a very good color for the summer. But it is very bright. Just not sure. This color is very difficult to photo. It is way brighter than is showing in the photo, but you can see how it is really not red looking!
  2. I don't think the pic uploaded. Will try again
  3. again

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  4. I agree that the Coral does look a little bit bright for my tastes, but a lot of tfpers on here love the real vivid bbag colors. I personally prefer the more neutral reds like Rouge Theatre or Grenat or Marron.

    But I am sure a lot of people on here will just love it. If I were you I would go with your first instincts and if you have any hesitation you should return it.
  5. I love the coral for the reason that it is a little more orangey/pinky than full on red. But if you are dissapointed by it, maybe give it a day or two to see if it grows on you, if not then take it back and swap it (or if its an ebay thing, sell it off again and use the money to buy something else).

    keep us updated :tup:
  6. lorrmich - i think it is GORGEOUS - and a very unique color. with the upcoming ruby for fall, why not keep this and if you need a red for your wardrobe, get a ruby later this year ;)
    red seems to be fairly consistent for balenciaga, but coral is truly one-of-a-kind!
    personally, i just love the coral. does it fit into your wardrobe?
  7. I am a fan of reds so most reds go. Your Day looks gorgeously orangy red with a whole dash of cream in it. In fact that's what I thought when I saw hgbags's Coral Red Day pictures. I say keep it only if you absolutely love it.
  8. It's hard to purchase sight unseen, but if the color doesn't grow on you, I would get something else instead.
  9. I love it too!! It truly is "coral" rather than any other kind of red. yes,it is different than Rouge Theatre or Grenat, but I think it would look great with a summer dress. Also, I've recently started to grow on the Day style and IMO these two are a perfect combination!!

    However, if you're not happy with it - then back it shall go!
  10. I agree, it's gorgeous and very "summery" ... but if you're not sure, then get something you'll love ... maybe the Ruby in the Fall?
  11. i personally love coral. I think its such a nice POP color especially since this season the popular trend seems to be loud/vibrant colors...i don't know I just like it alot. Oh and the day style suits this color very well.

    can you upload a crisp shot by the way ? I tried to enlarge that picture and it was extremely blurry. :flowers: I wanna see the leather..:drool:

  12. I literally am on the same boat as you. I received this from lovely Erica as well yesterday. My thoughts go between "it's bright, it's different!" to "I can't swing this". I keep on walking back into the room to see how I feel. I love bbags and can't say no to one. I just don't know how I feel about the colour. If I posted a pic, it would be the SAME as yours.

    The colour is really orange-y to me. I am still kicking myself for passing on 07'Tomato. I'm not sure if I should slowly grow to love it, and get a ruby in the fall.

    Please please please let me know what you decide!!! I've been searching the forum for some reaction on coral red so am glad u posted this or else I would have. LOL!
  13. i personally love coral, but i'd also like to get a true red in the future, cos for me they are two complete different red and i like both. but i think if you dont like it, you should definitely get something else!
  14. I just saw the coral red last weekend IRL, and I totally agree with you that it's very bright, almost neon, and more orangey-red. I think I'd have a hard time wearing it. Personally, spring 08 just isn't doing it for me- way too bright. I think that if you're not in love, then return/sell it and wait for fall 08's ruby. Bal has done so many amazing reds, but this one is not to my taste.
  15. this is the first time i read about the "neon-ness" of the colour! thanks for the inputs! i personally want a red with more yellow tones than blue tones so i think i might like this. i've to see it irl to know for sure. i suspect i'd prefer the orange tones deeper rather than neon-bright.

    i hope you'll arrive at a less painful decision soon :biggrin:

    pinkboudoir > your dash of cream description goes with pluiee's "milky white" description!