Just got my CL. No dust bag.

  1. Is this normal?

    I bought them on sale and I love them, they fit perfectly and I want them, but Im a bit upset that there was not a dust bag in my package. :tdown::crybaby:
  2. Where did you get them from? As far as I know, al CLs should come with a dust bag.

  3. Saks Fifth Avenue
  4. Maybe you should call and see if they can send one to you, all CL shoes should come with a dustbag. It could be a return and the previous owner didn't return it :shrugs:
  5. Ugh. Im so mad! They don't look worn at all... they didn't even appear to be tried on previously. I'll call CS now. I hope they're nice about it. I've heard horror stories about Saks CS department. :wondering
  6. they cant be worse than Neimans. good luck, hope you get your dust bag with no trouble at all!!
  7. I called and they told me they had to email the wherehouse and then get back to me. I really hope they come through. I'll keep the shoes either way simply b/c I love them and they were such a good deal but Im not going to tell them that...
  8. I understand your pain. Fortunately all of my high end shoes have dustbags, but I have bought CL shoes at a boutique and they didn't have the elastic ribbon tie on the box. I like my CLs to be complete with a dustbag and the tie. It doesn't damper my happiness over the shoe, just slightly lessens the experience.
  9. I just bought & reieved a pair of CL's from saks.com & I got a dust bag. Call & complain...they should send u the dust bag. Maybe u got a returned item & the person that returned them kept the dust bag? hmmm...i wonder what happened here.
  10. itsmyworld, same thing happened to me when I bought my CL espadrilles on sale from Saks.com. No dustbag. I didn't realize it until I bought my CL yoyo 85. Lord knows I would had called them on it if I was paying attention. But time had passed between the two purchases.
  11. I just got a pair of CL shoes from NM on sale that were sent to me and they didn't have a box or dustbag. They were sent in a NM box. I don't use them anyway so it doesn't matter to me. I reckon I got a really good deal so it doesn't bother me.
  12. Well I suppose I can be happy that I did at least get the box!
  13. All CL shoes except for the espadrilles (e.g. Cataribbon, etc.) come with dust bags. But I know for a fact that espadrille styles don't (that's the case if you buy directly from CL boutiques -- the SA's say the espadrilles never come with the red dust bag).
  14. i hate the fact that the espadrilles come without dustbags.
  15. They just called me back. They will be sending my dust bag overnight. That was easy and they were so nice about it. Hooray! I feel better now.