Just got my chloe's...pictures

  1. Finally arrived. Pictures of the Tekla, Siverado and Ava. :yahoo:

    Have a question re: the silverado. Does anyone know which style of silverado is this? Is this just the large size? The hardware shows a slightly tarnished look. Are they supposed to be shiny? Or slightly tarnished. Is there any cleaner to use for the hardware?

    And, do you think tekla can be used as a everyday bag? It looks kinda "square", but I love the leather and the color!

    So sorry for so many questions, but am new to Chloe and am excited right now and trying to figure out how to "work" them into my wardrobe.

    tekla.JPG silverado.JPG Ava.JPG
  2. Wow - great choices!
    Where did you get them all from?

    The Tekla - i can see that working both with denim/pumps and on a night out. It's gorgeous.

    The Silverado - well, i love it. It's an everyday, dress up or down, all round good egg!:biggrin: This looks like the larger Silverado to me (doctor?) The hardware is not supposed to be smooth and shiny, but is supposed to look 'tarnished' i believe.

    The Ava - i think that it looks quite formal, yet so practical too, because of the shoulder strap style. Kind of cool, casual sophisticated chic!;) I could imagine this bag perfectly with work wear and casual outfits.

    Congrats on your new 'friends':nuts:
  3. i love the tekla! gorgeous colour. how wide is it?
  4. Thanks. Great recommendations!.

    Actually, the tekla is quite big. I believe the width is at least 15"-16". It really looks like an "expensive" laptop bag with the shoulder strap. I like it better without.
  5. Congrats! beautiful silverado, and I love the colour of tekla... and chocolateish ava looks soft and lovely!:drool: IA with chicky about the hardware!
  6. Love your bags, I have that Ava in antelope and it is one of my favorite bags- comfortable and chic. Also have the Tekla in burgandy/red, and you are so right --the leather is wonderful. Congrats, those bags are great.
  7. thank you all.:heart::nuts:
  8. Chicky: Forgot to answer your questions: got them from bloomy's Boca Raton during the extra 50% sale.
  9. Gorgeous bags, congrats!!!! Believe it or not the Ava can go with almost anything, she's alot more functional than she appears!! Enjoy all those fab bags:tup:
  10. Thank you Ali. Especially for posting all of the great deals for us!
  11. ^^^No problem, I love seeing others get fab deals too! Speaking of deals I just posted another Chloe sale item Mary called me about. Its in the shopping section.
  12. wow great haul! i especially love the color of the tekla!!
  13. Those are all so gorgeous! I love them! :smile:
  14. All 3 bags are lovely!! Congrats!!
    I also picked up a Silverado large satchel from Boca Raton during their extra 50% sale, great deal!!
  15. congrats :biggrin:!!