Just got my card! My PCE is till Dec 29th. Why do they stagger dates?

  1. Do they send out the earliest cards to the really good customers, then good customers, then so-so customers? Everyone got theirs so early, and the PCE events listed for them ended earlier too. I was just wondering since I just assumed I wasn't going to get one when it wasn't in the mail last week.

    :sad: I wish I knew to expect it. We're dead broke (in terms of our Christmas fund) because I got DH loads and loads of presents this year. Hehe, I would have held back if I knew I had a chance at getting a PCE card.
  2. i don't know but when i came home today DH handed me the card. so yay more stuff!
  3. We didn't get one. I did get the most recent one, and I splurged...got the mini lily....in black. I am waiting anxiously.
  4. Well, considering by the end of a normal PCE the stores are sold out of almost everything, I think staggering is a good thing.
  5. I certainly hope that's not how they're looking at it. The November event was for outlet shoppers, to draw them into the boutiques. The December event was the normal PCE for regular boutique shoppers. This event/extension is anyone's guess. But I don't think it's divided into the best, the better and the so-so. From my experience and understanding, this is something new. Coach has usually sent out PCE invitations to the top customers about every 3 months but lately they've sent out them out randomly and now they're sending out month long invitations. They're just using this as a marketing tool to get their sales up before the end of the year.

    It's crazy because like you said, no one knew to expect this and weren't really able to plan. But you have until the 29th so maybe you'll get some Christmas cash! I hope you get to use it!
  6. Good news! I told the hubby about it and he told me to give him the card. I know we didn't budget for a purse, but he doesn't seem to care. :smile: Or maybe I'll get accessories? Who knows. :p I'm all excited. I should probably always keep an "emergency" fund for PCE events now that I know I'm on the PCE invite list.
  7. ^^ Oh, Yay!! Glad your hubby is taking care of you!! Post whatever goodies you get for Christmas so we can all ooo and ahhh over them! LOL!
  8. x2! :woohoo:
  9. Maybe that is why it ends on such a weird date (29th) so people can use the funds they gathered from Christmas. :upsidedown:
  10. ^^ And it gives us all 3 days to decide what items from the new floorset we want to splurge on before our New Year's Resolutions kick in to not spend sooo much money on Coach....

    Yeah, right!! LOL! :roflmfao:
  11. Since when did this little guy clap so fast???
  12. This may actually work in your favor because, aren't they putting out new items on December 26th? This means that you'll be able to use your PCE on them and even see them in person first. Happy shopping!
  13. You are TOO funny (and correct)!
  14. He's hyped up on Coach PCE crack!
  15. But what will I spend my money on if it isn't Coach?