Just got my Burgundy Ramona... not feeling the love!

  1. So my Burgundy Ramona was delivered today... the bag was folded three times over and stuffed in a box a little larger than a shoebox.:crybaby::crybaby:
    When I took it out, it looked a lot more wrinkly than I remembered (I had seen it once about six months ago). It also isn't a structured bag. Very slouchy, which makes it fall weird when I carry it.

    I stuffed it for pics... I don't know...
  2. [​IMG][/IMG] I'm 5'2"... I'm kind of on the other side of the fence so far:sad:
  3. It looks great on you Congratulations.
  4. bonniec.. This is how the bag is.. i saw it in the boutique and its very slouchy and soft..you can fit it in a shoe box for real!! Dont worry about it..

    congratulations..it looks gorgeous on you[​IMG]
  5. Bonnie, I agree with other members that the bag does look great on you. Let us know what you end up deciding. =)
  6. It looks great to me but I know the feeling of getting something that wasn't shipped very well.
  7. It is such a gorgeous bag and it really looks fantastic on you! I have a biker leather ring bag. I love it. The leather on the biker leather has been chemically treated I believe to get the distressed look. It is a softer, more slouchy bag. It is a little surprising at first when you see the bag without the paper, but when you put your items in the bag it looks great again. I had the same reaction you did when I saw my bag unstuffed at first.
  8. I agree. It looks GREAT on you, and it's a beautiful bag
  9. It looks Gorge on you.
  10. I have that exact bag and love it to pieces. I know you are miffed about the way it was shipped - I would be as well. But maybe if you fill her with bubble paper and let her sit on a shelf, it'll give you a chance to really look at her and let her flirt some with you. Slouchy is a very cool look for this bag. I have three of them!:heart:
  11. Thanks everyone for your comments. Once I saw the pictures posted, I thought hmm, maybe it look alright after all.

    It's sitting on my shelf stuffed (and hidden away from DH) for the weekend for me to stare at and think carefully about.

    Weird thing is, it also looks weird and HUGE in the mirror but when I look at the pictures it looks OK (I'm 5'2"). I must have a body dysmorphic disorder or something LOL.
  12. I have Riki in that same color/leather/trim. Honestly, I couldn't make Ramona work for me, it's too big and I am 5'8" and 6 feet in heels. It looked huge and misshapen no matter what. I don't know how others make it work but I couldn't. I would definitely suggest Riki style instead.
  13. That's how I feel at the moment. It folds over on the sides if not filled enough, but when it's filled it's big and bulky...

    Might have to swallow the full price and just get the Riki on JC.com...
  14. I'm 5'0" and decided to get a Riki instead of Ramona because I thought the size suited me better. It still felt big when I first got the Riki though. It's slouchy too but that's just the way it is. I say if you're not totally happy send it back. Too much money to spend on a bag that you don't totally love. But I do think it looks great on you in the pics though.
  15. Yep, that's what I did :tup: