Just got my Burberry

  1. I promised some of you guys that I would post a pic of my new bag that just arrived so here you go. :smile:

    Bag and shoes.jpg
  2. Very cute ... perfect for summer! Congrats on your new Burberry!
  3. I love that color blue, congrats!
  4. congrats n post pics when u first use it...
  5. Very cute!
  6. Very cute, I love the bluebell/white trim combo. I wish I had known there was a white leather option when I got mine.
  7. The colour scheme is very nice. Very pretty!
  8. Congrats! It will be so cute for summer! :biggrin: Love it!
  9. Its so cute, I just wanna hug it! Congratulations!
  10. Aww, how cute! And such lovely light, summery colours. Enjoy!!
  11. Very cute, love the colours!
  12. Very cute! Love the shoes. Congrats.
  13. Love the bag and the shoes are adorable! Have fun :biggrin:
  14. It's So Beautiful (Gorgeous Color Combination!)!!!......I Love The Shoes, Too!!!! Enjoy!
  15. I love those barrel bag styles. Want one! Congrats.