Just got my blonde devin

  1. Just received the devin in blonde. Leather is squishy, pretty color, not as big as I worried it would be. For me, an entirely unexpected problem is that the shoulder strap leather is a little too wide, it doesn't want to stay on my shoulder. I am expecting Kooba Carla in honey color (don't think it's called that but you know what I mean) to arrive tomorrow and will decide then between the two. If anyone has any questions about the devin, I will try to answer!
  2. Congrats! Any day you get a new bag is a GOOD day. :yes:
  3. It's emotionally draining!!! You are excited to order it, dying for it to arrive and then you want to love it....I'm not really sure I'm feeling the love!
  4. Give it a couple of days and in the meantime don't take off the tags. I assume you can return it if you feel like you need to. If it's the issue of the shoulder straps that's bugging you, I can understand. I hate when that happens. I can often tuck the outside strap underneath the inside strap and the purse will stay on my shoulder without slipping off. See if that helps.

    My new Kooba Paige arrived today. :yahoo: I'm going to carry it tonight. Of course I can't wait to use it and I'm thrilled I actually have somewhere to go! LOL! :wlae:
  5. I just realized that the Devin has a single long strap, so my suggestion above won't work.

    Give it a couple of days and see how you feel about it then. I certainly wouldn't hang on to it if I didn't love it. There are too many other bags out there!

    Let us know what you decide to do.
  6. The strap is actually a double strap (one on top of the other). I will give it a few days and I thank you for the good advice. It's wonderful that you love your Paige and I hope you have a fantastic time out tonight!
  7. Congratulations! I have been keeping my eye on the Devin ever since I first saw it, so naturally I'm curious how others feel about it. I tried on an Annie on Monday and it was the same thing...the strap would not stay on my shoulder. I was wondering...if the purse was filled with our "things" would it stay on our shoulders better with some weight in it? Have you loaded your stuff in it yet? And is there anything else about it that you don't quite like? Let us know on what you decide....
  8. Actually, the only thing I put in it was my sunglasses (wanted to see if it would fit in the inside pocket - it does. I have to say that filling it or not, the actual strap is wide enough that part of it is actually overhanging my shoulder which is why I think it won't stay on or if it does stay on, FEELS like it's not staying on. I would be interested in hearing if anyone else has this experience. It will be interesting to compare it to the Carla. Luckily I ordered both on line from nm so can easily return both if need be. Thanks to you all, both are free shipping!!! That helps take the sting out!
  9. I have the Carla in chestnut and I LOVE it - having said that, I LOVE the Devin in the red color ... good luck with deciding! Or keep both :smile: Post pics too.
  10. Is your Carla soft and smushy??? Does it stay on your shoulder????
  11. Yes, yes, and yes! :smile:
  12. That's great! now I'm really excited for the Carla to arrive and will let you all know what I decide!
  13. any chance we can see pictures of the devin!!! :smile:

    the carla has REALLY thick shoulder straps just so you know,,, but maybe they are thick enough to stay on? just wanted to say that cause you said the devin had staps too thick to stay on,,, maybe its the leather that makes it hard to stay on?!

    pics if possible would be AMAZING
  14. I have that problem with most bags. I have sloped shoulders. They just start at my neck and go south! LOL My bags are always sliding off. My Mom has these nice squarish shoulders and she can hold any bag.
    I've become accustomed to it. Everytime I lean forward, grab for the bag because here it comes. Oh well. it's not the worst thing I could have to complain about.
  15. I'd love to see pics too, if you get the chance! ;)