Just got my Black Stam from Saks and.....??

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  1. I bought the Black Stam from Saks in NYC and had it sent to me. It arrived today. I opened the box when I got home and I have a few questions about it.

    First off, the chain handle was encased in a plastic cover. I have never seen this before when I have bought Stams, but I ha3ve always bought them off the shelf. This one was not the bag that was on display. When I purchased the bag, the Saks salesperson called down to their stockroom to have a "fresh" bag sent to me. I thought that was a great idea, but I never saw the bag before it was sent. So...maybe this is how they are packaged before they are put on the shelf???

    Also, the Style # is C3PEO13

    The serial tag on the inside pocket has PERM 197 imprinted on it (It is a white tag)

    I am going to take some photos and post them (my battery is charging). But....does this sound authentic? If so, which season Stam is this? I hate to be an alarmist, but I am worried about fake bags and the plastic and weird numbers kind of freaked me out. I have the Saks receipt, so if there is a problem I want to take it back to my nearest Saks as soon as possible.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. I'm new to Marc Jacobs, but when I bought my ivory Stam from Saks it also came with a plastic cover on the chain part.

    I'm pretty sure it's authentic though, but I'm sure the girls who are MJ expert can help you :smile:

    BTW what's the lining of your bag? From what i gather that can determine which season it came from....correct me if i'm wrong though.
  3. when i purchased my stam, the chain was wrapped in plastic also. just to prevent any damage to the bag while in transit. i doubt saks would sell you a fake. good luck :smile:
  4. Okay...good. I had never seen the chain wrapped in plastic.

    The inside is cream colored canvas.

    Thanks, everyone. I will pull off the plastic and wear the bag without worrying.
  5. This is the weirdest thing. I sell mj bags, and we just got a shipment of black stams today and they looked so different to me too. The tags are different and have different model numbers and the lining is creme and is different from all the other stams. weird!!
  6. That is weird. Besides the plastic, I did think the model number looked odd and the inside serial number.

    Does the leather look different than previous stams? I have seen black Stam bags in the past, but I never really dissected them enough to remember if they look different than the bag I purchased.
  7. That model number and serial number are correct. I've seen it at saks before. I believe it means that it's a permanent style, as opposed to a seasonal style.

    Chains should come wrapped in plastic as well, to prevent damage to the bag during transit.

    Word of caution, next time when you purchase a bag, inspect it thoroughly while you are at the store. It safeguards you against any pre-existing damage such as scratches, marks, and prevents you from getting fakes and worn bags. You can never trust those SAs!
  8. when i ordered my ivory stam from saks.com, it came w/the plastic cover for the chain but the topaz did not.

    also, the chain "latch" was different for both the bags as well as the dust covers... i'm thinking it's different for each season? i'm not a MJ expert since the stam was my first bag but i don't think saks would ever sell anything that's not authentic.
  9. I just bought one today and mine has the same code and when they got them out in the shop they all had the straps in plastic things inside!
  10. I don't think they intentionally sell fake items but sometimes people do a bait and switch . So if someone returns a fake bag to a SA who is not familiar with the brand they have no Idea they've just taken back a fake bag. Then they put it out on the floor to be sold.
  11. You bag can't be fake, mine is the same, EVERY single Stam in Selfridges had the strap in plastic inside. Don't worry!
  12. In the future..PLEASE post all authenticity questions...ALONG with pics.....in AUTHENTICATE THIS THREAD.
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