Just got my bags yesterday!

  1. yay! im extremely pleased with the 3 bags i just purchased ^__^ they are the 1st bags ive bought from tokidoki

    AS Zucca: has the green cactus dog, baby adios, the flying adios, the geisha, tulip, nano star, and pink latte on it
    AS Bambinone: apple, candy, baby adios, nano star
    Inferno Bambinone: water melon eater, hot dog roasting thingy, pie, and a bunch of other stuff

    I wore my Zucca out for the 1st time today and this lady ran up to me while i was in the mall and she grabbed my arm and told me how pretty the bag was and asked where i got it and for how much. i told her she could buy it for 184 bucks at macys and shes like "whoa... for that much it should look that good!" she kinda had this omg look on her face and she scurried away xD

    anyways i wanted to thank you guys for answering all my questions and giving me good tips on where to purchase and care for my new bags!

    thanks! :heart:
  2. ooh post pics if you can
  3. Dont you just looooove the AS zucca!!!??? Personally I think this print was made for this bag. I love mines :heart:, I think I've only used it 3 times since I got it in April. I'm so scared to get it dirty, my only gripe is that the piping on the bag get's dirtied pretty easily and its hard to get it off. i have bastadino, part of peperoncino (stupid zipper), rainbow, blue and pink latte, killer candy, sandy, white nana star, fantasmino, momobella, candle, and polpetina on mine.

  4. i asked for no momobellas and japanese babies on all my AS bags. on my zucca in the crack near the strap i see the baby's foot haha, and on the seam at the bottom of the bag i see a tiny green from the leaf of the peach >.>;!

    i will try to take pics when i can ^__^

  5. HAHAHA My momobella is on the bottom!!!:roflmfao:
  6. congrats!!! xkaokaox, you ordered from SH? :smile: post pics !! yay for no baby and peach :lol:

    wow kula_bear..youre A.S. sounds pretty awesome for having all those characters?? post some pics!!!
  7. I got most of the characters on the back than the front. I noticed with some of the AS zucca's that I've seen, only one side has more prints. Did anybody notice this too?
  8. yea i got mine from SH

    iono, my zucca is pretty even on both front and back. i have 3 fantasimos on the bag total, one back, side, and bottom :huh:;

    i forgot, my bag has a yellow and red pepper on it too plus 2 half candle sticks o.o and a quarter of a green apple haha, the rest of the apple is hidden underneath one of the straps >_>; you can also see the ear of the of the brown cactus characters (sorry iono the name T-T)
  9. yay, here! :biggrin: sorry the pics are small... i went overboard and took too many pictures T-T

  10. they are adorable! i know i'm going to take so many pictures when i get my mm spiaggia
  11. :yahoo:i like the baby adios, its smack dab in the middle of the bambinone, its hiding on the zucca though >_> the strap caught a part of its head :x
  12. you're lucky you got to request what you wanted on the print! i ordered my mm from the lesportsac site and i'm just hoping i get a good print
  13. xkaokaox :Omg you got three fantasminos? wow I want! lol too bad hes only there on my dolce once on the side lol .. I love that baby adios.. cute inferno bambinone it has my fave watermelon dude!

    kula_bear: hmm the ones ive seen with most characters are in the front ...on evilbay :lol:...
  14. AHH! You've got the Adios baby/lying down Adios! I'm still trying to find him on a bag. He's underneath the straps on my Zucca. uggh! Lucky you! How cute.
  15. Great bags!! I never see AS stuff in the stores with any characters on them. Where did you find your Inferno Bambinone??