Just got my apple green hobo....

  1. So the mail man just gave me my apple green hobo. I've never seen a hobo IRL and was really looking forward to getting this one!! But when I tried it on....it looked HUGE on me :sad:(I'm a midget lol:roflmfao: ) I actually really like the bag and how it looks on others but it just doesn't suit me :sad: Agh! Why can't I be taller?! :hrmm: I guess it's off to ebay..sigh..:cry:
    IMG_0436.JPG IMG_0435.JPG
  2. it is so nice, congrats.
  3. It is!! Thanx! Just wish it looked nice on me lol...!
  4. I am pretty small (5'2" and 105 lbs) and at first I thought the hobo was big but within a day or so, it grew on me and I really don't like oversized bags. I would give it a day or two.
  5. Perc at least it will sell quickly on ebay :smile: So sorry that it didn't work out on you. that would be WAY huge on me too....
  6. Bummer. The color is soooooo great! Hope you find one your really in love with soon :o) Are ya gonna e-bay it. Im sure it will go fast, fast, fast!
  7. Hmm might try it for a day but it really does look huge on me (Half of me is hidden by the bag!). If I still don't like it, yup off to ebay it goes.
  8. Maybe it is the leather, but when I wear mine, it slouches a lot so it appears smaller. That being said, it is definitely not a bag I would carry for work or anything.
  9. Aaaahhhh it's so beautiful though!!!!!!!!! :love: Actually, I had a dream about a apple green hobo lol, how random... I've been dreaming of handbags all week :rolleyes:

    Still, if you don't like it, sell it. It's useless having a bag that sits in your closet unworn and unloved :P I'm sorry it doesn't fit you, but I'm sure you'll find something else that you'll love even more :yes::biggrin:

  10. Aww thanx guys!
  11. LOL, Chigirl & me could be body doubles:smile: I have this exact bag. I love it & carry it everywhere! But I love big bags so I never thought much about it's size.. I agree, it does slouch so I don't think it looks as big as when it's laid out flat. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do!
  12. Best color EVER.
  13. Oh I love it! Give it a chance!
  14. Oh "F" it's gorgeous!!!!!!:love: :love:

    (another impulse buy) now we can be apple hobo twins:graucho:

  15. LOL!! You have one too?! Wow your colletion just continues to grow doesn't it!