Just got my 3rd Gucci bags...

  1. Ever since I started visting Gucci forum, I have really fallen in love with Gucci. In the past couple of months, I bought three Gucci handbags, plus an agenda, not to mention my LV purchases at the same time... This has to stop or I am going to be in trouble. :p
    Here is my new black guccissima princy hobo I just received yesterday! :yahoo: The guccissima leather is soft and yummy. LOVE IT!!
  2. Gorgeous! Love the Guccissima leather. I have to get myself one too :graucho:
  3. Congrats... It goes without saying I LOVE that bag (since i have the same bag in 2 colors)
  4. You should check bluefly. I got it at additional 15% with MISS238 code. :p
  5. Betsy, you know what? I decided to get this bag after looking at your bags in your signature. Thanks for helping me with the questions I had too. :smile:
  6. That is one of my favorite Gucci bags, gratz on getting one!
  7. Great choice, I love this bag! Enjoy!
  8. Wow CONGRATS...that bag is beautiful!!! :tup: Lucky girl, im still working on getting my first GUCCI!!! still trying to decide which one and from where...:confused1:
  9. congrats on your beautiful bag!
  10. so gorgeous. I want this bag.
  11. congrats!!
  12. I think it is good to take your time to decide which one you really want. I often rush into decisions and end up with bags I don't really need or use. So take your time, there is no rush. (Don't be like me. :crybaby:)
  13. Thanks for everyone's kind words. I took my princy hobo out for the first time yesterday afternoon. While I was walking, out of nowhere came flying a fresbie and hit my bag! :cursing: I stopped and found this teenager running to get the fresbie. He apologized and I had to say no problem... Butttttt, there are now two scuff marks near the bottom of my brand new guccissima bag. I am so sad however I have to forgive the boy. He had no idea. Right? :crybaby:
  14. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that! Will a light conditioner help polish off the scuff marks a bit?

    Yes you're right, the boy had no idea. It shows what a great person you're for doing that.
  15. Your bag is sooo beautiful! Enjoy it :flowers: